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Exploring the World | Gameplay basics The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guide

Link can travel the world in a variety of ways. - Exploring the World | Gameplay basics - Gameplay Basics - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Game Guide
Link can travel the world in a variety of ways.

Exploration is one of the strongest gameplay elements. The world is huge and filled with numerous attractions. At the beginning it is worth to have a look at the basic means of movement and possible interactions with the world:

  • Running - you will spend most of the time in the game on foot. Remember, that Link can run faster (the B key), which will prove to be very useful on numerous occasions during your playthrough. While running, your character can execute long jumps, which will also allow you to climb up to higher locations, etc.
  • Swimming - in the game you can swim in the traditional fashion, by simply jumping into the water, or, by using a raft. In regard to the first option, you will use up your stamina, but certain actions, such as e.g. fishing, will be possible. However, sometimes you will encounter abandoned rafts, which will allow you to travel much greater distances. But, in order to navigate with one such vessel, you will need a Korok Leaf.
  • Climbing - in the game it is possible to scale walls, cliffs, etc. but it uses up Link's stamina and without upgrades, you will not be able to climb very high. During the climb you can press X, in order to quickly jump and latch onto a point above you, however, this move will use up a lot of your stamina. Climbing is extremely useful, as it allows you to get a better feel of the surrounding area and also allows you to plan a longer journey.
  • Paraglider - after the initial stages of the game, you will gain access to a paraglider. It allows you to glide over considerable distances, of which you will repeatedly make use. When you are in the air, press X to open the paraglider and glide in a desired direction. Keep in mind that this type of action also consumes stamina. It is best to use it while jumping from the highest points in the game, in order to quickly explore the world.
  • Quick travel - each time you activate a tower, or a shrine, you will gain the ability to quick travel to its location.
Always prioritize exploring towers and shrines. - Exploring the World | Gameplay basics - Gameplay Basics - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Game Guide
Always prioritize exploring towers and shrines.

When it comes to the most important points on the map, than you certainly have to keep an eye out for:

  • Towers - climbing to the top of the tower is a priority. When you are at the top, you will discover a portion of the map with the more important points of interest. In addition, you can quick travel to the towers and use the paraglider while jumping off them, which is very useful.
  • Enemy camps - during the game you will encounter enemy encampments. Each differs in some way from the others, some will have fewer enemies, others will have towers with guards, etc. Each of these places, however, has a lot of valuable loot. You can take the weapons of your enemies, and after clearing the camp, you can acquire a chest with a prize.
  • Shrines - shrines are mini-dungeons, which offer various puzzles and challenges. After completing them, you will find valuable loot and Spirit Orbs, which you can spend e.g. on stamina upgrades, or increasing your amount of hearts. You can also quick travel to any previously explored shrine.
  • Villages - in the game you will find several villages, where you can find merchants, NPCs with quests, goddess statutes (where you can spend Spirit Orbs) etc. it is definitely worth talking to every citizen of a given village, since they offer numerous clues and valuable items.
  • Stables - you can also encounter stables on your journey, with a distinctive horse structure towering over the building. You can summon your horse there, register new steeds, etc.
  • Great Fairy Fountains - you will find several fountains in the game, where, after paying a fee in Rupees, you will be able to upgrade your armour.
  • Campfires - you can also find campfires in the game, ordinary ones and ones with large pots on them. You can prepare meals and potions in these locations, which will strengthen your character.

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