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Combat in Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Gameplay basics

Given time, you will find combat to be much easier. - Combat in Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Gameplay basics - Gameplay Basics - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Game Guide
Given time, you will find combat to be much easier.

Combat in the game is one of the title's biggest challenges. Initially, opponents will be very easy to overcome and they will not prove to be a great challenge. The situation will change when you start to explore the world - over time you will come across increasingly powerful opponents. Consider the initial stage of the game to be tutorial, that will prepare you for the more difficult battles ahead. Below you will find a description and explanation of the most important combat mechanics:

  • Sneaking - in most cases, opponents will have a definite advantage in numbers and there is no point in openly fighting all enemies at once. Sneaking is the ideal option, it allows you to bypass numerous enemies without alerting them. It is best to hide in tall grass and behind different obstacles, in order to avoid detection by your enemies. In addition, remember that by sneaking behind the enemy's back, you can deal a very strong, critical blow to him, which will often outright kill your opponent.
  • Using the bow - the element of surprise + the bow are very strong allies in battle. You can deal a lot of damage to your enemies before they even realize what is happening. Additionally, you can often make the fight easier by, e.g. aiming at explosive barrels, or bee hives. Keep a cool head and calmly plan out each fight, before you rush in to engage the enemy force.
  • Blocking - you can block enemy attacks by pressing ZL (when Link wields a shield) which will allow you to avoid receiving damage. Remember that after each blocked blow, the shield loses a durability point and can be destroyed. Ultimately, you should aim for the so-called Perfect Guard, which is a parry (the A button) performed just before the enemy hits you. This allows you to neutralize the strongest attacks of your enemies and dish out a powerful counter-attack. This is one of the most important techniques in the game, you have to master it well.
  • Dodging - by pressing ZL and then jumping, you can perform a dodge to the side, back, etc. which will allow you to avoid most of the attacks in the game. Just like blocking, if you manage to dodge just before the attack, you will execute a Perfect Dodge and you will be able to perform a very strong counter-attack, a " flurry rush." Dodging and blocking is essential in the game and you should spend as much time as possible to become proficient in these techniques - it will make combat, and beating the game, much simpler.
  • Lock/Focus - when you press ZL you will lock onto an enemy, which will allow you to focus your attacks strictly on him.
  • Charged attacks - by holding the Y button you can charge a special attack, which is very powerful, although it absorbs a lot of stamina. Each weapon has a unique special attack, such as a 360-degree turn with the weapon, a shockwave, etc. These attacks are powerful, but they also decrease the durability of the weapon.
  • Weapon throws - you can throw the melee weapon that you currently possess. Simply press and hold the R key. This type of throw results in critical damage, but keep in mind that you will lose the weapon. All in all, it is worth throwing weapons which have little durability, and will soon be ruined anyway.
  • Air attacks - when you are high above the ground, you can press the button responsible for the attack, and Link will dive down and hit the ground with his weapon, creating a shockwave. This is a good way to start a fight, especially if you glide over your enemies.
  • Fleeing - remember, that many fights may be too difficult for you at a given moment in the game, the best solution in such cases is to use the sprint and then escape from the battlefield. More advanced armour, a larger amount of hearts and better equipment will make the fight easier for you in the future.
  • Regaining hearts - remember that at any moment during the fight, you can open your inventory and restore your hearts with the help of a proper meal. Make sure to have a steady supply of food, in order to avoid any dramatic situations during combat.
  • Upgraded enemies - initially, most opponents will be weak, which is intentional and prepares you for further challenges in the game. But when you start to face increasingly large groups of opponents, after some time you will start to see their enhanced versions. You can encounter the following shades of enemies in the game: red, blue, black, white, sliver. Each consecutive colour symbolized a stronger version of a given foe.
  • Resurrected enemies - enemies are resurrected during the so-called Blood Moon. When the red moon rises during the night, it stands as a sign, that all enemies on the map have been resurrected.

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