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General advice The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an astonishingly complex game, full of intricate gameplay mechanics. Below, you will find general advice that will sure make the experience much smoother:

  1. Conversations and interaction with others is the key - the overwhelming majority of NPCs is very friendly towards Link and they want to aid his quest. Most of them will want to share some curious info, sell items or give side quests. Try to always talk with everyone in order not to miss anything out.
  2. Be watchful and observant - many of the trees, stones and other elements of the environment look odd (they stand out from the rest). This usually indicates that you can interact with them - if you lift a stone, you may find additional Rupees or an opponent.
  3. Adjust the interface and game options according to your needs - in the game menu, you will find a couple of options that will help you customize the HUD. I would also recommend increasing the camera speed, as it makes the gameplay more fluent.
  4. Remember about weapon durability - nearly every weapon in the game can get damaged, so remember to have some extra gear in your equipment. If you're planning to raid a dungeon, first make sure your well-equipped. You should also be economic with your weapons - for example, it's better to use bombs to extract iron instead of wasting your weapon durability.
  5. Use bombs to deal with groups of enemies - a well-aimed bomb will quickly solve a problem of even a large group of enemies.
  6. Master sneaking - invest some time in deeply exploring this mechanic. This is the perfect way to catch enemies by surprise or deal critical damage. Remember that pressing "jump" when sneaking will make Link dash forward, which can be extremely useful.
  7. Cook and prepare meals - the majority of enemies will drop precious materials that can be used to cook stuff. Although some of them can be consumed right away, it's best to use them to cook something more nutritious. You just have to take an item from the backpack to the protagonist's hand and throw it into the pot. Experiment with different recopies; some meals are rather strong! An additional advantage of cooking is the fact that you're also able to sell the meals you cook, which may yield a considerable sum. Some advice concerning cooking can be found for example on numerous posters in the game; just look at those, and you'll learn a new recipe. It's also good to prepare meals from the same ingredients: a meal made out of five apples will replenish a lot more health than five apples consumed separately.
  8. Brew potions - enemies in the game will drop significant items such as teeth, eyes, tails, etc., which can be combined with small creatures such as toads, lizards or fireflies. Such combinations result in very powerful potions, which produce various effects.
  9. Use the camera - you should photograph everything you see in the game. It will add information to the encyclopedia, which then can be used to finding different objects or places.
  10. As concerns the red moon, it signifies reset of enemies in the game. The monster's you have vanquished will come back to life.
  11. Remember to rest at bonfires - it's enough to gather some wood and stone, lay on the ground, strike a metal weapon, and the fire will be set. In the camp you can also skip time, until a convenient time of day.
  12. Wait bad weather out - if bad weather surprises you (for example rain, which prevents you from climbing), use the bonfire and wait until it ends. Remember that a storm brings with it a danger of getting struck by a lightning - don't wear any metal armor and weapons in order to make sure this doesn't happen.
  13. Add your own points on the map - every time you find some interesting places in the game world, and a note on the map to be able to get back to them.
  14. Don't fight every enemy you meet - the game allows you to freely explore the world, but you need to remember than locations may have different difficulty levels. If you can't seem to cope with some enemy, give yourself more time and come back to them. Meanwhile explore some other location.
  15. Use Korok Leaf to navigate the boat - cutting trees will yield Korok Leaf, which can be used to create wind that will move your boat.
  16. Master slow motion and archery - anytime Link jumps from a height or from the horse and then draw the bow, the time will slow down so you can carefully aim. Be careful, since this consumes endurance. Master your archery skills as much as possible: headshots are critical hits.
  17. Use the environment to your advantage - if enemies are standing in water, use shock arrows; if they're hiding in tall grass, torch them.
  18. Remember about endurance when swimming - swimming uses up endurance. If it's depleted, Link will drawn, so you might want to keep your eye on this meter.
  19. Remember about fast travel - when you open the map, you can instantly move to a safe location. Mind you that this is also possible during combat - if you feel the situation is becoming dire, transfer Link to a safe location and recoup his strength.
  20. Use the magnet to get treasures - remember that you can pull treasure. If you see a chest at the bottom of a lake, you can simply use the magnet rune to bring it to the surface.
  21. Go fishing - while in water, Link can get fishes that can then be used in cookery.
  22. Keep fairies in your equipment - you can find four great fairies in the game - they will be willing to upgrade your armor for some Rupees (more about this in another chapter). There are also small fairies flying about, which can be caught. Having them in the equipment guarantees you'll return to life after loosing all hearts.
  23. Be economic with mighty weapons - the best weapons should only be used agains the most difficult enemies and challenges. There's no use wasting their potential on meager opponents.
  24. Adjust your clothing to the weather - Link has to wear appropriate clothes depending on the environment he finds himself in. Whether it's hot or cold determines the kind of armor you should wear, so make sure you have a couple of sets ready for different circumstances, and then upgrade them.
  25. Visit Hyrule Castle every sometimes - though Hyrule Castle is the final location of the game, the place where Ganon resides, you can reach that location if you use the glider, for example. You really should visit this location and try to explore some areas. You can find there very powerful weapons and equipment, which makes it much easier to complete certain difficult challenges.
  26. Try to tame better horses - each horse in the game has it's own stats. Weaker horses can be easily tamed (sneak behind them and just jump on their back), but the stronger ones require a lot of endurance to be tamed. As you progress, try to get better horses.
  27. Always consider your opponent's elements - if you're fighting an ice enemy, for example, use fire to deal double damage.
  28. Don't worry about dying - especially at the beginning, you will die very often. Treat this as a tutorial - most often the only consequence of dying will be repeating a small portion of the game.
  29. If you don't know what to do, look for towers and shrines - there are around 80 shrines in the game - that means many challenges.
  30. Spent Spirit Orby on upgrades - you can spend Spirit Orbs at prayer statues, which will allow you to increase the endurance and obtain a new heart (you can reset your upgrades later on in the game, so don't worry about this decision being irreversible.
  31. Complete Hestu's side quest as soon as you can - the tree that gives this quest can be found near Kakariko Village. Finishing this short quest will increase your equipment's capacity.
  32. Don't be afraid to get lost - the game litteraly suggests you should get lost and explore the secrets step by step. Traverse the world, explore, experiment and the game will soon become an amazing experience.

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