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Questions and answers

A lot of time and effort was put into the FAQ chapter. There, you can learn how to get rich fast, how to find a good weapon and armor with ease, which abilities should be unlocked first, how to win bigger battles, how to act when your character is caught red-handed or how to successfully sneak into enemy camps.

  1. What should I do after I commit a crime in Kingdom Come?
  2. How to deal with the weight limit?
  3. How to prepare for bigger battles?
  4. How to sneak in Kingdom Come?
  5. Why can't I save the games in Kingdom Come? - Saving in Kingdom Come Deliverance is not so simple. Check out our video guide to learn all ways to save the game, including Saviour Schnapps.
  6. How to obtain the lockpicks? - lockpicking in Kingdom Come Deliverance.
  7. How to quickly gain money at the beginning of the game? Give me your groschen!
  8. How to get a good armor at the beginning?
  9. How to get a better bow?
  10. Where to find a shovel and the grave?
  11. How to get the first horse? - your first mount in Kingdom Come!
  12. How to survive at the beginning in Kingdom Come.
  13. How to learn pickpocketing?
  14. How to quickly gain money?
  15. Which perks for start?
  16. How to craft Saviour Schnapps? (video guide)
  17. Why did I fail a quest?
  18. Where can I learn how to read?
  19. Why I can't save the game on PS4? - saving bug on PlayStation 4 platform.
  20. How to get the best horse?
  21. How to get an armor for your horse?
  22. Why did the bird traps from A Bird in the Hand quest disappear? - check out our fix for bug in A Bird in the Hand quest.
  23. How to defeat Runt? - boss battle tactics.
  24. Necronomicon - where I can find it? - Lovecraft book in Kingdom Come!
  25. Queen of Sheba's Sword - How to get the legendary weapon in Kingdom Come?
  26. How to repair a damaged weapon or armor? - repairing and maintenance using grindstones.

Trophy Guide

The chapter dedicated to achievements is another important part. There, you can find a full list of trophies and Steam achievements along with tips that will help you unlock them. The final part of the guide consists of world atlas which features high-resolution maps of the entire world with the most important locations marked on them.

  1. List of trophies (Trophies: Alcoholic, Anorectic, Virgin, Gambler, Convict and many more)
  2. How to save Theresa? (Cavalier Trophy)
  3. How to complete the game without killing anybody? (Merciful Trophy)
  4. How to complete the game and stay in celibate? (Virgin Trophy)


Yes, you can romance in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Check our romance guide and learn more about Lady Stephanie (quest At Your Service My Lady) and Theresa (quest Courtship).

  1. Lady Stephanie Romance and At Your Service My Lady Quest
  2. Theresa romance and Courtship Quest

Kingdom Come Maps

Maps for Kingdom Come contains all crucial NPC, vendors, merchants, skills trainers and treasure maps:

  1. World map
  2. Talmberg
  3. Rattay
  4. Uzhitz
  5. Ledetchko
  6. Sasau - Town
  7. Sasau - Monastery
  8. Skalitz
  9. Rovna
  10. Samopesh
  11. Merhojed
  12. Neuhof

Treasure maps

Treasure maps in Kingdom Come are pictures with symbolical hints - if you find the right place, you will get a reward!

  1. All Treasure Maps in Kingdom Come - our map with markings of all treasures, chests and loot in Kingdom Come.
  2. Treasure XVIII (rewards: dogwood hunting bow, fashionable slippers, hunting cap, lucky playing dice, nighthawk recipe, The Joy of Gutting IV)
  3. Treasure IV (rewards: chalices and groschen)
  4. Treasure XI (rewards: Villager's dogwood bow)
  5. Treasure XX (rewards: Ash longbow, basic horse-riding skills IV, noble's dark shoes, recipe Aqua Vitalis)
  6. Treasure XVII (rewards: Dogwood bow, Decorated riding boots, necklace, skill book: lockpicking)
  7. Treasure XVI (rewards: Ash hunting bow and Hunting sword)

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