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Yakuza 6 Game Guide

Yakuza 6 Game Guide

The return of the Dragon of Dojima! The game guide to Yakuza 6 contains complete walkthrough and valuable tips about the game content. Our guide features detailed Yakuza 6 maps, solution for all side missions, and meticulous clan wars explanation. We didn't forget about collectibles like safes, stones or cats.

The guide to Yakuza 6 contains information needed for a 100% completion of the game like collectibles, secrets, skills explanation, side missions and of course trophies. Our guide to Yakuza 6: The Song of Life contains a variety of tips that are needed to complete the game and to discover its every secret. Inside, you'll find a healthy dose of information that will serve to facilitate the gameplay.

Yakuza 6 - Tips for start

This chapter contains the basic data regarding the title. You can study the controls, read tips, get to know the achievements that are a pre-requisite of getting a platinum trophy and read about character mechanics.

  1. Basic Tips
  2. Trophies and Achievements
  3. Hunger and character development
  4. Controls

Yakuza 6 - World of the game

The world of Yakuza 6 is quite extensive. You'll explore two large areas: Kamurocho and Onomichi. This section contains detailed maps of both locations, an introduction to every minigame in the game and a description of additional activities. Also: Substories are a type of side quests found in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. To begin a substory, you need to encounter the right person or take part in a special scene that happens during the game. Finding all of the tasks is not that easy, so make sure to look around our list of all 51 missions in the game!

  1. Kamurocho map
  2. Onomichi map
  3. Minigame list
  4. Trouble Missions (side quests in Yakuza 6)
  5. Clan Wars
  6. All substories walkthrough

Yakuza 6 - FAQ

This chapter offers answers to the most important questions a player can have during the game. You can learn how to fight effectively, how to increase your experience gains, which abilities are the best and where to find the nine stones in Onomichi. You'll also read how to unlock all safes found in the game and how to find all the cats - your task is much easier, as we've prepared a few maps that will help you find your goal!

  1. Combat
  2. Acquiring large amounts of experience - how to exp quickly in Yakuza 6?
  3. Which skills are the best?
  4. The locations of 9 stones in Onomichi (Chapter 12)
  5. Opening all safes in Yakuza 6
  6. Finding all the cats

Yakuza 6 Main Story Walkthrough

The guide contains a detailed walkthrough of the main story which encompasses 13 chapters of action and cut-scenes. Please visit the respective chapters for detailed walkthroughs of each mission.

  1. Gameplay basics and the prologue
  2. Chapter 1 - The Price of Freedom
  3. Chapter 2 - Life Blooms Anew
  4. Chapter 3 - Foreign Influence
  5. Chapter 4 - Deception
  6. Chapter 5 - Masked
  7. Chapter 6 - Footsteps
  8. Chapter 7 - Heihaizi
  9. Chapter 8 - Conspiracy
  10. Chapter 9 - Disappearance
  11. Chapter 10 - Blood Law
  12. Chapter 11 - Father and Son
  13. Chapter 12 - The Sleeping Giant
  14. Chapter 13 - The Unforgiven (Final)

Grzegorz Misztal (

About Yakuza 6 Game Guide

Author : Grzegorz "Alban3k" Misztal for

Translator : Filip "Asfalto" Jaron

last update : April 4, 2018

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Video Game

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life
  • genre: Action

  • developer: SEGA
  • publisher: SEGA
  • platform: PS4

Yakuza 6 is the next installment of the series of action-adventure games focused on the Japanese criminal underworld. As always, the title was developed by the Japanese company Sega. Yakuza series was born in 2005, on PlayStation 2. Since the debut of the first entry in the saga the franchise received a few main installments and spin-offs. Among the latter there were games that took place in 19th century and focused on different characters and there were games focused on completely unrealistic events like a zombie invasion in Tokyo (Yakuza: Dead Souls). It is worth adding that for the first time in the series, the director and actor that created movie adaptation of the first Yakuza that was released in 2005, will make a guest appearance in the game.

Yakuza 6 for PlayStation 4 doesn’t present any revolutionary gameplay changes. As always, the camera presents the action from the back of the protagonist. During the game the player will participate in dozens of melee fights and in many minigames and he will explore the streets and suspicious alleys. He will also complete various quests and missions. The developers expanded the size of the open world and optimized many of its elements, giving greater movement freedom to the player (for example, now it is possible to climb the roofs of the buildings).

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