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Xbox Series X Guide

Xbox Series X Guide

The Space Odyssey Monolith Xbox X guide & tips contains release date, price, specification & launch games. Read about backward compatibility, Ray Tracing, games from Steam, VR, 4K, 8K and more!

The next generation of consoles, including the Xbox Series X, is due to debut in 2020. We have prepared a guide that is dedicated to all major questions related to Microsoft's latest console. The guide has been designed to be helpful both before and after the console's launch, when it will receive additional chapters dedicated to key issues.

The guide section compiles the issues related to the console and offers answers to ever-present questions. Our guide is a great way to keep up to date with console-related news and get acquainted with technical aspects of the console. We've listed the technical specification of the console, as well as its features and processing power. You'll also find out what the Xbox series X's expected price is, its design and get access to other key information.

We have also prepared a description of the games that will debut along with the console, and the titles' potential exclusivity. We've also got acquainted with the issue of backward compatibility, whether you can play games from Xbox One, run titles from PC, or you can also play games from Steam, for example.

When it comes to technical aspects, our guide answers other important questions e.g. Does Xbox Series X have VR? Does Xbox Series X supports 4k, or even 8k? What does the disk drive issue look like - will the console support disks, DVDs, or Blu-rays? We also discuss the new gamepad for the console and other technical innovations it offers.

In the FAQ section, we'll address other issues - while running, is Xbox Series X placed horizontally or vertically? Will Xbox Series X support ray tracing? Does Xbox Series X have an SSD? How powerful is the Xbox Series X?

About Xbox Series X

  1. Xbox Series X is the next generation of Xbox consoles. Series X will be the most technologically powerful of the existing consoles.
  2. The Xbox Series X is expected to debut during Xmas 2020.
  3. The console launch will be accompanied by releases such as Halo Infinite or Hellblade 2.
  4. The console is supposed to have backward compatibility, so you can easily play earlier Xbox games.
  5. Currently, the Xbox Series X will not have VR for the console launch.
  6. It is still possible that the games will be delayed until 2021 because of the coronavirus.
  7. The console will offer full 4K during gameplay and also support 8K.
  8. The console will support Ray Tracing technology.

About Xbox Series X Guide

Author : Grzegorz "Alban3k" Misztal for

Translator : Filip "Asfalt" Jaron

last update : August 24, 2020

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