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The Lost | Enemies XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Game Guide

The Lost are the most unique enemies introduced in the War of the Chosen. Those zombie-like enemies are a separate faction on the battlefield. They move during their own turns and attack everyone standing in their way. They are also the weakest enemies, but compensate that with outrageous numbers.

Just a Lost one, looking for a victim. - The Lost | Enemies - Enemies - XCOM 2 Game Guide
Just a Lost one, looking for a victim.

There are three types of the Lost:

  1. Lost - the garden-variety edition. The most common, have no special abilities, few HP (2-4) and deal minor damage.
  2. Lost Dasher - more HP and better mobility - able to cover a considerable distance in one turn.
  3. Lost Brute - the most rare variety of a Lost; they lack the speed of the Dashers, but have a lot more HP.

These units stand out with the following traits:

  1. They react to noise. If something explodes, the nearby group of the Lost will surely soon arrive there. If there are a couple explosions during a single turn, a large group of the Lost will surely appear.
  2. They're a legion - you cannot just kill them off. New units will keep pouring in, especially when there are explosions.
  3. They attack anyone. They will attack your units, but won't say "no" to assaulting the aliens if they're closer.
  4. The Headshot mechanics. If your soldier, or an alien, kills a Lost, they will get back the action point used to do just that. This allows a single soldier to kill multiple Losts, as long as they have ammo. This ability works only with regular shots - explosives, melee attacks or psi abilities don't trigger this effect.
  5. They're a good source of XP - use them to promote your soldiers before you finish the current mission.

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