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ADVENT Spectre | Enemies XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Game Guide

ADVENT Spectre is another unit added in the War of the Chosen. Its appearance and behavior resembles that of the Codex from the core game - it moves in a similar way, is capable of teleportation and uses the same weapon. However, his other abilities make him a priority target on the battlefield, because he can very quickly exclude one of your soldiers from the game and literally turn them against you.

ADVENT Spectre accompanied by a couple of Sectoids. - ADVENT Spectre | Enemies - Enemies - XCOM 2 Game Guide
ADVENT Spectre accompanied by a couple of Sectoids.

This enemy has access to the following abilities:

  • Vanishing - teleportation. Allows him to move to any spot on the battlefield, as long as it's within his eyesight.
  • Lightning Reflexes - allows him to avoid the first reaction/Vigilance shot fired at him.
  • Horror - grabs a soldier, damages them and heals himself.
  • Shadowbound - allows the Spectre to stun a single unit, effectively eliminating them from the fight for a while; then he creates an identical copy of the soldier that has the same abilities and items, but is fighting against you. This effect can be broken if you kill the Spectre - your soldier will return to the fight.

The Shadowbound ability is obviously the most dangerous skill he has. It allows him to take one soldier from you and create his clone that will fight alongside the aliens. Try to get rid of the Spectre as soon as you can - if he manages to use this ability, concentrate all forces on killing him. The clone dies with its master and your soldier returns to fight.

Remember that the game classifies this enemy as mechanical - you can't ignite or poison him. Instead, use Bluescreen bullets and EMP charges against him. You can't hack him, though.

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