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XCOM 2 Game Guide

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Dark Events in War of the Chosen DLC XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Game Guide

Last update: Tuesday, May 14, 2019

  1. Dark Events are randomly generated actions of the aliens - just as in the core version of XCOM 2. Their goal is to diminish player's efficiency and improve that of the aliens, or just end the game for the player. Every month, along with the provisions from the Council, the player will also receive a report on possible alien activities - the Dark Events - that will activate during the following weeks.
  2. In the War of the Chosen expansion, the player can also control these events and either prevent them or mitigate the effects of those he hadn't managed to prevent. One particular type of missions, the Guerilla Ops, are focused precisely on this - finishing such missions will let you to discard one Dark Event. You will be regularly informed about such missions, since they're one of the most important activities in the game.
  3. Every Guerilla Ops mission should be your absolute priority, demanding immediate attention - otherwise you risk the aftermath of Dark Events spinning out of control, which can be very damaging for your whole performance. Among them are also mission that allow you to impair the progress of the AVATAR program. The table below contains all Dark Events available in the game, along with their effects on the game.
  4. Attention - we've marked the events introduced in the War of the Chosen expansion with orange, and those available in the core game, with blue.



ADVENT Alloy Padding

All ADVENT units get additional armor points.

ADVENT Bending Reed

ADVENT Stun Lancer has a chance of making a move after attacking.

ADVENT Midnight Raids

Makes the recruitment using supplies 100% more expensive. In effect for a month.

ADVENT Return Fire

Missed shots fired at ADVENT Captain or ADVENT Priest let them take a response shot.

ADVENT Rural Checkpoints

Decreases the amount of resources yielded by the next Council shipment by 50%.

Advent Sealed Armor

ADVENT-u soldiers become immune to fire, poison, frost and acid.

Alien Cypher

All Intel-based activities are 100% more expensive.

Allien Infiltrator

Causes the Faceless to appear in all missions. Works if civilians appear on the battlefield.

Avatar Project: Minor Breakthrough

Increses the progress of AVATAR by 1 segment.


Doubles the TECH and PSIONIC parameters of enemy units*.

*It will be more difficult to hack them or influence with Psi.

Collateral Damage

The ADVENT soldiers are able to carry more explosives.


Increases the chance of entering Vigilance by the ADVENT soldiers when they're revealed by the player.

Dark Tower

Your soldiers get a Will penalty.

Gone to Ground

The Black Market is closed for 6 weeks.

High Alert

Your soldiers no longer begin missions in concealment.


UFO appears on the world map and patrols the area. If a ship appears within its range, a dogfight will commence, which may lead to the AVENGER ship being shot down - a defense mission will commence. More about that in the chapter devoted to side missions.

Lightning Reflex

ADVENT soldiers don't cause a response if in Vigilance.

Lost World

Lost may appear in any mission.

Loyalty Among Thieves

If any Chosen learns about XCOM operations (by increasing its progress bar), a part of this knowledge is shared with other Chosen.

Made Whole

The chosen lose all their weaknesses.

Rapid Response

Hostile reinforcements always appear during Guerilla Ops missions.

Resistance Informant

Shortens the time needed for Retaliation missions by 2 weeks.

Show of Force

More hostile units appear during missions.

Signal Jamming

Improves scanning time for 6 weeks.

Stilleto Rounds

ADVENT-u get bullets that deal damage over time

The Collectors

The Chosen have a much better chance of abducting your soldiers.

Undying Loyalty

The ADVENT soldiers may be resurrected as Zombie Psi if they happen to die.

Wild Hunt

Increases the probability of the Chosen appearing on the battlefield.

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