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Sectoid | Enemies XCOM 2 Guide

The Sectoid using one of his abilities. - Sectoid | Enemies - Enemies - XCOM 2 Game Guide
The Sectoid using one of his abilities.

One of the first enemies you stumble upon, at the same time greatly differing from the one you might have met in the first installment of the XCOM. The enemy deals quite a low amount of damage with his weapons and has moderate health pool, but what makes him dangerous are his psi abilities. Those are:

  • Mindspin. The ability allows him to cause a random status effect, induce panic, disorientation, or take control over your soldier.
  • Psi Reanimate. Thanks to this one, the Sectoid can animate the body of a fallen soldier (friend or foe), turning it into a Psi Zombie. Psi Zombies have health pools that equal those of the reanimated targets.
  • Psi Panic. Causes the soldier to panic for 2 rounds, during which the player won't be able to control that unit.
  • Psi Disorientation. Causes disorientation, decreasing the AIM and blocking all the soldier's abilities.
  • Mind Control - takes control over a soldier.

Thanks to the above abilities the Sectoids remain quite a formidable foes during the whole game, making them one of your priority targets. If you are unable to kill them before they can use one of their abilities, use Flashbang Grenades which will block all of their skills, break mind control and eliminate all summoned psi zombies.

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