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World of Tanks Game Guide

Table of Contents

Advices | For beginners World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

1. Don't ride alone. Strength lies in group.

2. Don't avoid combat. Even one shot that hits can be decisive for victory,

3. Don't hide near the base waiting for enemy to come. If he comes after defeating your allies, you won't do anything alone.

4. Do what experienced players tell you to do - green, blue and purple ones.

5. If you don't know whether you should conquer enemy base (Cap) or protect your own, assaulted by enemies (Decap), protect your base.

6. Shoot, hide, reload, shoot.

7. Never create troop with tanks of different tiers. Battles are matched based on the highest tier from a troop, so in that case chances for winning are lowered. And very often at the beginning of the battle someone from your own team will kill you.

8. Don't shoot without a reason. You can unintentionally harm your ally, and a tank that shoots is easier to detect.

9. Don't ram your allies. Some tanks are very fragile and even a minor touch can damage them.

10. Don't touch your allies even a bit. Moved tank loses its camouflage bonus, and his Binocular Telescope and Camouflage Net stops working (they begin working again after 3 seconds). A tank that is aiming to shoot even slightly touched can miss.

12. Don't get in way of faster tanks. They probably know what they're doing and every second counts.

13. If someone is shooting at you, don't stay in one place. Hide, and if you have no place to hide, then move. It is harder to hit moving target.

14. Always position yourself front toward enemy. Never show him your side or back. Front armor can bounce off a bullet. Additionally, when standing with side towards enemy you're a bigger target.

15. Try to aim at sides and back of your enemy.

16. Don't stay near a shooting ally. Every shot in 15 meter radius reduces the cover provided by bushes and trees.

17. You should have some gold bullets for special circumstances on which the victory depends. Or for someone that angers you.

18. In tanks that have a slow turret rotation, to reduces the aiming time move your hull with the turret.

19. If a tank in front of you moves back and pushes at you, move back. If you won't do it, he will probably die.

20. During the 50% sale, in first order buy Binocular telescope (+25% to view range when the tank hull is stationary), Toolbox (+25% to repair speed) and Camouflage net (increases camouflage when the tank hull is stationary). This equipment can be used after transferring, on every tank you're currently playing with.

21. You should always have in your tans a small recovery kit, small first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

22. If you don't know where to shoot, aim at the lower plate in front of a tank.

23. Don't knock over trees, it can alarm your enemies of your presence.

24. Whenever it is possible, aim at modules and seats of crew members. There is a chance for additional profits.

25. Modules that can be found in tanks on the same development line develop on lower tiers.

26. Don't buy premium tanks until you learn the game well. You should wait instead of being sorry for wasting real money.

27. When playing with light tank don't make a suicide raid at the beginning of the battle to discover those few enemy tanks. When you're playing as scout you should survive as long as possible and discover enemies for as long as possible.

28. Count the enemy tanks on the minimap. If there are 5 enemy tanks left, and on the minimap you see 5 enemy tanks on the other side of the map fighting with your allies, then act. There is no one in front of you. Attack the enemy from the back or take over the base.

29. Don't shoot at your ally, even if he is shooting at you. You can get automatic ban for it.

30. Participate in public tests of new versions of WOT. Check how comfortable you feel with specific tanks, what does the equipment gives, how to destroy well armored vehicles etc.

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Ammo rack - Ammunition rack. If it is damaged two times it explodes.

Arty - Artillery

Buff - improvement of specific tank or module statistics

Camper - player who waits in one place for the whole battle and waits for other players to find enemies. It doesn't apply to tank destroyers or artillery. Pejorative term

Cap - circle that symbolizes the base

capping - assaulting enemy base

CW, Clanwars - a battle between two clans, with no restrictions in tanks level

decap -  defending the occupied base by damaging enemy tanks

detrack - removing the track, which immobilizes tank

Ding - ricochet, a bullet bouncing away from the armor

DMG - Damage

Frag - defeated enemy

Free Exp - experience that you can spend on any module or vehicle

GG - Good game, used usually after victorious battle.

GL - Good Luck, used before battle as GL&HF (Good Luck & Have Fun)

Grind - unlocking tanks from a specific tree, for example one can grind German artillery

Stars - bonus for first victory of the day. The term "knocking stars" is often used to describe playing with a specific tank only once a day to receive the bonus.

HE - high explosive ammunition

HT - heavy tanks

Hull Down - a tactic which consists of sticking out only the turret out of the cover while the rest of the tank is hidden behind a hill, rock, wall or other cover

kamikaze - a person that in first seconds of the game rides to enemy positions to find as many enemies as possible. An action that doesn't give any advantage to your team

angling - setting the armor at angle towards enemy to increase its efficiency

Critical - a shot that inflicts additional damage to modules or crew

LT - Light tanks

matchmaking - a match/battle in WOT of specific tanks level

MT- meds - medium tanks

Nerf - lowering the stats of specific module or tank

noob - beginner player

OMW - On My Way, used to communicate that you're on your way to the place where someone invited you

OP - Overpowered. A description of tank, armor or gun that is too good for it level in the game. You can commonly hear that some tank is OP on V tier.

Stock tank - a tank with basic, worst modules available: cannon, engine, turret, tracks, radiostation

tomato - beginner player - the name comes from the way in which weak players were shown with red color in XVM mod

scout - a tank that scouts

sidescraping - angling the hull behind a cover in a way that protects frontal armor, forcing the enemy to shoot at side armor at near parallel angles

Splash - shock wave created by a high explosive ammo. Especially important in case of artillery.

Spot/mark - highlight of targets/spotting enemies by the scout so that the team could shoot at him

TD - tank destroyer

tier - tank level - from 1 to 10

troll - a big cannon which inflicts great damage, has a low accuracy and long reload time

weakspot - a spot on the armor that you should shoot if you can't pierce normal armor

Win Ratio - A percentage statistic that shows the ratio of player wins

WN8 - One of the parameters describing player skills. The higher the better. Especially important while recruiting to a clan

WoT - World of Tanks

Sixth sense indicator - commandors Sixth Sense ability, that tells you that someone has discovered you

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