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World of Tanks Game Guide

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Japanese tanks - World of Tanks
Japanese tanks - World of Tanks
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Introduction | Japanese tanks World of Tanks Guide

Japanese tech tree is the newest in World of Tanks. It means there are not many vehicles available. There are only light and medium tanks. You won't find any tank destroyers, artillery nor even heavy tanks on the Japanese tree.

Lower levels Japanese tanks from I to VI have very weak armor, even for a light or medium tanks. But thanks to that, their wage is lower and usually they have great mobility. You will have access to quite accurate, fast cannons with high penetration for such level of a vehicle. Sadly, damage dealt by Japanese cannons is very low.

Vehicles characteristics change with level VIII when you gain access to first better-armored vehicle - STA-1. Front hull armor is still very weak, but the turret armor has been significantly upgraded and well angled. Available cannons still deal less damage that other nations cannons, but they make up in everything ells - accuracy, penetration, speed of firing and targeting time.

The whole tree offers very similar tanks. Thanks to that, if you are getting good results with one tank, there is a great chance that you will have similar results with other Japanese tanks. All of them have great mobility, weak armor, they have nice fire rate and deal low damage.


  • Good mobility
  • Good cannons accuracy
  • Bullets have high penetration
  • Good aiming time
  • Good cannon depression (allows you to shoot from a hill)


  • Only light and medium tanks are available
  • Medium tanks are quite big
  • Cannons deal low damage
  • Very weak armor
  • Vulnerable to artillery fire
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