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World of Tanks Game Guide

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IS-2 | Chinese tanks World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

General information

Name - IS-2 - Chinese tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough




Heavy tank




122mm D-25T: penetration 175mm; damage 390


Hull: 90mm/90mm/60mm, turret: 100mm/90mm/90mm


1280 health points


Top speed: 37km/h, engine: 580HP


Close combat, Support tank

The IS-2 is the Chinese counterpart of the Soviet IS heavy tank. This vehicle is nearly identical with its prototype. The only differences concern: the arc of cannon descent (the IS-2 is incapable of lowering it as much as the IS), the number of health points, the power of the engine (the IS-2 is slower than the Soviet IS) and the availability of premium shells. The IS-2 received HEAT shells capable of piercing 300mm of armoring!

Development, equipment, crew

The development of the IS-2 should start with the development of new cannons: your aim is the 122mm D-25T cannon. Then, you can develop the turret (increases the amount of health points) and new engines. The radio and suspension can be unlocked as the last.

While developing the individual modules of the IS-2, you should pay attention to several relationships:

  • You receive the 12150L engine for free, after you have unlocked the 110 heavy tank. If you don't mind the sluggishness of the IS-2, you can save 16000 experience points this way. Right after unlocking the 110 heavy tank, you should remain with the IS-2 and develop the 12150LS driving unit.
  • You receive the A-220 radio for free after you unlock the WZ-131 light tank.

Preferred equipment: shell rammer, improved guidance system, improved ventilation.

Optional equipment: toolbox

Skills and perks: sixth sense for the commander, repair for the rest of the crew. Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew.

Weak points

The IS-2, just like the Soviet IS, is a vehicle that is very resistant to fire and is capable of withstanding direct hits from the largest-caliber cannons - IS-2 - Chinese tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The IS-2, just like the Soviet IS, is a vehicle that is very resistant to fire and is capable of withstanding direct hits from the largest-caliber cannons. Unlike its Soviet version, it has a different shape of the glacis plate: instead of resembling the one from the KW series vehicles, it has a uniform plate of high angle, which is more resistant to direct hits than the one on the IS. For that reason, while attacking the IS-2 from the front, with cannons of a lower caliber, you should aim at the lower-front armor plate. The sides and the back of the tank are, as always, vulnerable to fire. The engine and the ammo compartment are in their standard situations.

The turret of the IS-2 is rounded, thanks to which even the strongest cannons will ricochet at the incorrect angle. With cannons of the penetration value higher than 160mm, you can aim directly into the yoke of the cannon - most shells should be able to penetrate it. Apart from that, the copula is very vulnerable to enemy fire. The sides and the back of the turret are an easy target for larger-caliber cannons.

How to play... the driver of the IS-2?

  • The 122mm D-25T cannon is very inaccurate so, while playing on this tank, you need to strive for short distance combat. You can only shoot over larger distances at poorly armored targets.
  • While shooting at the better armored enemies, like the PzKpwf VI Tiger (P), PzKpwf VIB Tiger II or the IS-3, you need to aim at the weak points of the opponent. Thanks to the fact that you usually fight over short distances, this should not cause you too much problems.
  • Since your armoring perfectly protects you against the cannons of lower tiers, if you are on top of the players list, you can charge directly at the enemy. After you slightly angle the tank, you will be impenetrable for the opponent.
  • While fighting against tanks of lower tiers, it is imperative that you flank them, because your front armoring does not ensure enough protection. Fighting on this tank boils down to firing a shot and hiding to reload.
  • You should never glue to the opponent: your yoke is quite easy to penetrate and the turret's resistance is high only because of its rounded shape that repels the misaimed shots.
  • The cannon elevation arc is very low in this tank, which is why you should not fight on it in hilly or mountainous areas.

...against the IS-2?

  • While on a tank of a lower tier, your only chance is to attack the hull from the flank, or from behind. The front of the IS-2 is impenetrable for you.
  • While on a tank of the same tier, you will be fighting a very well-balanced fight. In most cases, you should make the IS- 2 exchange fire with you, where you will win thanks to the higher rate of fire. You cannot allow a situation in which you exchange a shot for a shot, because you are sure to lose then.
  • When on a well-armed tank of a higher tier, you can attack the IS-2 frontally. With good angling of the armor, its cannon will not harm you, and you will be able to penetrate it with ease. You should watch out for the enemies that use HEAT shells- they are capable of piercing any thickness of armor.
  • The IS-2 is a quite mobile tank and not always is it possible to hit it with artillery. However, if the opportunity arises, it is a good idea to give it a try - a critical damage hit will eliminate it from further combat quickly.
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