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World of Tanks Game Guide

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T-54 World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

General information

Name - T-54 - Soviet medium tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough




Medium tank




100mm D-10T2C: penetration 201mm; damage 320


Hull: 120mm/80mm/45mm, turret: 200mm/160mm/65mm


1650 health points


Top speed: 56km/h, engine: 700HP


Medium distance combat, Support tank, close combat, scout

The T-54 is the continuation of the technological thought started with the T-44. This vehicle is faster than its predecessor, packs better armament and it is well armored, as for a medium tank. This vehicle has access to two different cannons: the 100mm D-54, which is more useful for stationary fights over medium distance (it has a better penetration value, but also longer aiming time and lower accuracy in motion) and the 100mm D-10T2C used for fights while circling the enemy, and for shooting in motion. Thanks to its low design, the T54 is very difficult to spot and hit and the relatively wide range of vision, it can often play the role of the scout. This vehicle is useful for both "hit and flee" tactics, as well as for frontal duels with any vehicle of a lower tier. It is excellent in duels one-on-one with the other medium tanks, and a wolfpack consisting of the T-54 tanks is capable of winning the entire battle on its own. It is one of the best vehicles of tier nine and the time devoted to mastering it, will be more than paid for.

Development, equipment, crew

The 100mm LB-1 cannon, which you have been using on the T-44, is available for you from the very beginning - you should immediately install it onto your vehicle. Then, develop a new turret and select either of the two cannons available for you. Now you can unlock the new engine, the radio and, finally, the other cannon (if you are going to win the elite status on the T-54) or the T-62A.

Preferred equipment: shell rammer, vertical stabilizer, improved ventilation

Optional equipment: camouflage net, improved guidance system, Wet ammo rack.

Skills and perks: sixth sense for the commander, repair for the rest of the crew. Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew.

Weak points

The glacis plate of the T54 has been improved upon, as compared to the one used with the T-44, and it belongs to the best ones, among tier nine medium tanks(and only the German E-50 has a similar level of protection) - T-54 - Soviet medium tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The glacis plate of the T54 has been improved upon, as compared to the one used with the T-44, and it belongs to the best ones, among tier nine medium tanks(and only the German E-50 has a similar level of protection). The glacis plate is capable of repelling shells, of the penetration of 200mm, on a regular basis and, after being inclined at a slight angle, it is resistant even to the shells of the penetration value of 220mm. The lower-front armor plate is slightly weaker (200mm of penetration value is sufficient to pierce it), but is a relatively small target. Additionally, at short distances, at which you are going to fight most often on the T-54, its angle of inclination is high enough to repel the shells fired at it automatically. Side armoring of the T-54 is slightly more resistant than the one in the T-44. Most of the shells fired at it will damage the vehicle (the condition: you need to aim right above the tracks, or be situated at a slight angle, relative to the side of the T-54).

The turret of the T-54 is very resistant to direct hits, both in the front and at the back - and only cannons of tier nine and ten, are capable of penetrating it. The remaining vehicles should aim at the cupola, which is quite difficult to get,. The back of the turret is poorly armored and, virtually, any direct hit is capable of damaging it at this point.

The ammo compartment is located at the back of the turret and directly under it; the engine is at the back of the hull, as is the standard.

How to play... the driver of the T-54?

  • This tank drives very much like the T-44, but it is better than that tank in every respect. Thanks to the improved armoring, you can get into frontal duels with lower tier vehicles and, the higher mobility will make fighting heavy tanks much easier.
  • Thanks to the high top speed and mobility, you can move around the map swiftly, seize strategic locations and flank the enemy.
  • This vehicle is perfect for quick raids behind the enemy lines, firing several shots and escaping to the designated position.
  • The T-54 can easily form wolfpacks with the other medium tanks and breach the enemy lines, with the use of the group's firepower.
  • The 100mm D-10T2C cannon is very accurate and it can be used to lay fire down on distant targets. Unfortunately, its relatively low penetration value disallows destroying heavy tanks this way - in this case you can use HEAT shells, of the penetration value of 350mm.
  • The T-54 is perfect in one-on-one duels with the other medium tanks. Thanks to the low design and resistant turret, it can move around, within close distance of the opponent and pound at its sides and the rear. This tactic also works against the lone heavy tanks.
  • You need to pay attention constantly, to the distribution of the enemy forces - if the enemy manages to separate you from your allies, you will become a morsel to him.
  • Due to the fact that the T-54 has a good camouflage, high top speed and very good acceleration, it can well be used as a scout. By moving right below the peak of the elevation, and exposing the turret only, you can easily detect targets for your artillery, while staying relatively safe yourself.

...against the T-54?

  • While on the tanks of lower tiers, it is necessary to attack the weak sides and the rear. Apart from this, you should not attempt to defeat a T-54 on your own - this tank has been created to destroy the weaker vehicles.
  • While on a medium tank of tier nine, you can attempt dueling with the T-54. The result of a one-on-one duel with this vehicle is mainly dependant on the driver's skill of hitting weak points of a moving enemy, and to use the terrain to his advantage.
  • You need to pay constant attention to the distribution of enemy medium tanks and block their possible raid on your flank, or the back, where they can destroy the artillery and lay fire down on the weak points of the remaining vehicles.
  • Just like every Soviet medium tank, the T-54 is easy to de-track. It pays off to aim at the stub where or the drive sprocket and finish it off after it is immobilized.
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