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World of Tanks Game Guide by

World of Tanks Game Guide

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Soviet Tanks - World of Tanks
Soviet Tanks - World of Tanks
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Introduction | Soviet tanks World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The vehicles originating in the USSR are, right after the German tanks, the group that is the most frequently used in the game. These tanks are very reliable and, apart from the few exceptions, most of them drive with pleasure.

After you start playing with the Soviet tanks, you receive two paths of development: you can either choose the branch of heavy tanks, represented by the KV-1, or the branch of medium tanks, where you encounter one of the most well-known vehicles of World War II - the T-34. If you take the former path, you will reach a fork pretty soon and you will have to take another decision: Armoring or Mobility ?

The branch of the Soviet heavy tanks, which are highly resistant to fire, starts with the KV-4, and ends with the IS-4. These vehicles are very slow but, if you are ambushed, their armor will save you not once, and not twice. They also are perfect to launch the attack and attract the attention of all the enemy vehicles. The high amount of health points in these tanks, allows them to pull, such a maneuver, off and survive until the end of the battle.

The other branch of the Soviet tanks is not that well armed, thanks to which these vehicles can move around the battlefield much faster. Tanks, such as the IS-3, or the IS-7, are capable of following medium tanks and support them with their large-caliber cannons, while widening the holes made in the enemy lines by light tanks. Additionally, the unique armor shape guarantees them with sufficient resistance to damage - the enemy has to spend some time to aim well; otherwise the shell will ricochet. The combination of these features makes these tanks the most often selected ones, by experienced players.

The soviet tanks are universal vehicles. Starting with the T-34, through the T-44, through the T-54 and the T-62A, these vehicles can perform nearly any role in the battlefield The quick raids behind the enemy lines, defending a position or exchange of fire over medium distance - each one of these options is available here. Disadvantages? Unfortunately, these vehicles are quite easy to set on fire and their ammo compartments are easy to damage. In spite of that, they are ones of the most popular vehicles in the game.

Just like in the case of heavy tanks, tank destroyers are also divided into two groups. You can choose here from among vehicles of medium mobility, but high damage dealt to the opponent (like the ISU-152), or the faster and more maneuverable ones, equipped with cannons of high rate of fire (the SU-100M1 or the SU-101). In both cases, the vehicles have excellent camouflage factor, which allows them to set ambushes on the enemy forces.

The final group of the vehicles which is worth attention is self-propelled guns. Here, you can choose from the vehicles that are completely different from each other. The SU-26 that is easy to unlock, is one of the best artilleries in its tier. It can easily hit enemies hidden behind rocks or ruins, and thanks to the rotating turret, it can select the successive targets quickly. Tier six artillery, the S-51, is armed with one of the biggest cannons in the game - this vehicle is capable of destroying, virtually, any machine available for the players, with one shell. The final vehicle available for the Soviets is the Object 261, which is the most accurate self-propelled gun in the game. As you can see, everyone can find here something for himself.


  • The wide variety of playing styles
  • Cannons deal a lot of damage
  • Good mobility
  • Excellent camouflage factors
  • Universal medium and heavy tanks


  • Low accuracy of cannons
  • Expensive ammo
  • Susceptibility of the ammo compartment to being damaged
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