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World of Tanks Game Guide

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Conqueror World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

General information

Name - Conqueror - British heavy tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough




Heavy tank




120mm cannon L1A1: penetration 269mm; damage 400


Hull: 130mm/51mm/38mm, turret: 152mm/89mm/70mm


1950 health points


Top speed: 34km/h, engine: 950HP


Medium distance combat, Support tank, sniper

The Conqueror is the successor of the Caernarvon; the hull of this tank is identical with one discernible difference: the new turret equipped with one of the best cannons in the game - the 120mm L1A1 cannon. As you unlock the successive modules, you will get the feeling that you move on the Caernarvon with a larger pool of health points, but this ordeal is worth it: the elite Conqueror is a dangerous opponent whose name of the universal tank is fully earned.

Development, equipment, crew

The development of the Conqueror is immensely time-consuming, which is why you should use up the spare experience whenever possible. You start by mounting the OQF 20-pdr Type B Barrel cannon, developed for the Caernarvon. Then, develop the turret and suspension, and finally the 120mm L1A1 cannon. You will receive the Rolls-Royce Griffon engine for free, after you unlock the FV215b - if the mobility of the Conqueror works for you, you can easily skip this step.

Preferred equipment: shell rammer, vertical stabilizer, improved ventilation.

Optional equipment: toolbox, improved guidance system

Skills and perks: sixth sense for the commander, repair for the rest of the crew. Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew.

Weak points

The hull of the Conqueror is identical with the one in the Caernarvon - Conqueror - British heavy tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The hull of the Conqueror is identical with the one in the Caernarvon. The glacis plate repels shells, of the penetration value of 175mm, on a regular basis, but it will have considerable problems with stopping better ammo. The lower-front armor plate is very thin and, in spite of being inclined at a considerable angle, it can be pierced by most shells. The sides of the Conqueror are very weak and they do not protect the tank from any attack. When positioned at an angle, the vehicle can be easily penetrated both on the lower-front plate and the side armor mentioned above.

The turret of the Conqueror is quite weak and, if you fire at specific points, you will be able to penetrate it with cannons, of the penetration value of 175mm. The cupola, the turret ring, or the sides of the turret, right next to the cannon - all of these points are easy to damage. The cannon armor is, practically, indestructible - if you aim at this point, the shell will deal no damage to the Conqueror.

The Conqueror is highly vulnerable to critical hits. If you attack its rear, you can easily set it on fire and shots fired against the lower-front armor often damage the ammo compartment and wound the driver.

How to play... the driver of the Conqueror?

  • This tank is quite poorly armored so, you should avoid exposing the hull to fire. The turret is not indestructible, like in the case of some tanks, and it is discernibly weaker than in the Caernarvon, but it still remains your strongest point. For this reason, you should always try to search for the hull down in combat. Unfortunately, the capability to lower the barrel is slightly worse than in the case of the predecessor, but it is still good enough to hide the majority of weak points.
  • The 120mm L1A1 cannon is one of the best weapons available for heavy tanks in the World of Tanks. This is due to the high rate of fire (the reload time is, barely, 8.5 seconds!), accuracy, short aiming times, excellent penetration value and considerable damage that it deals. It is good for both firing at long distance and firing in motion. This is what makes the Conqueror, from a weak vehicle, turns into one of the most interesting tanks of the ninth tier.
  • Although you should avoid taking damage, the Conqueror is capable of winning one-on-one duels with most of the tier nine vehicles: this is thanks to the considerable pool of health points and the immense (the greatest in its weight class) rate of fire of its cannon.
  • While fighting against the opponents of higher tiers, it pays off to remember that the Conqueror is capable of firing two shells, within the time that it takes for the enemy to fire only once. Thanks to this, while dueling with, e.g. Maus, or the Is-7, you receive as little as 490 points of damage, while the opponent receives two hits, 400 points each. Frontal combat is, however, recommended against, due to the much larger pool of health points that tier ten vehicles have.
  • You need to keep a close eye on the actions of the light vehicles - they are capable of penetrating your side armoring, which is why you should always have them in front of you.
  • Side armoring of the Conqueror is so weak that it is, practically, impossible to set it at a slight angle, to increase the protection granted by the glacis plate - angling is possible only in urban conditions, where you can use ruins to ensure protection.
  • Your lower-front armor plate is thin and there is the ammo compartment right behind it. It is necessary that you hide the plate, even from the smallest self-propelled guns.
  • This vehicle is highly vulnerable to artillery fire - it is imperative that you know the map and the places where you can hide from self-propelled guns.

...against the Conqueror?

  • The armoring of the Conqueror is very weak - with a cannon of the penetration value of 200mm, or higher, you can aim at any fragment of the hull (it is best to aim at the lower-front plate to damage the ammo compartment). While aiming at the turret, you should avoid shooting at the cannon armor, because it is very resistant to damage.
  • The only way to fight the Conqueror is the exchange of shells, one-for-one. This vehicle has the highest reload speed, from among the vehicles of tier nine, and fighting it face to face, usually has a tragic ending to it. I recommend that you use support of allies - even the smallest light tank can deal damage to the Conqueror and deal enough damage to the upper hand for you.
  • While on a medium, or light, tank, you can immobilize the enemy and pound at its sides or the back - most of the shells, even if fired by a recon tank, should damage this tank.
  • Artillery fire is very effective against the Conqueror. Each direct hit deals critical damage several times, and destroying the tank with one shell is not a rarity.
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