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World of Tanks Game Guide

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Churchill VII World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

General information

Name - Churchill VII - British heavy tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Churchill VII


Heavy tank




OQF 77mm cannon Mk. II: penetration 148mm; damage 140


Hull: 152mm/95mm/50mm, turret: 152mm/95mm/95mm


880 health points


Top speed: 20km/h, engine: 350HP


Medium distance combat, close combat

Churchill VII is another infantry tank available in the game, which you unlock while using the Churchill I. Just like its predecessor, it has an excellent armor (the thickest from among the tanks of the sixth tier) and a reliable cannon. It also has the same design flaws: it is much slower than Churchill I, its larger mass makes the driving unit of the power of 350HP insufficient and its spin takes as long as a dozen-or-so seconds. It is not the best tier six tank, but in the right hands, it is a reliable vehicle, both during the defense of the base and in attack.

Development, equipment, crew

From the very beginning, you can use the cannons developed for Churchill I. First of all, develop a new turret, then suspension (it will enable you to mount additional equipment) the cannon, the engine and the radio.

Preferred equipment: shell rammer, improved guidance system, improved ventilation

Optional equipment: toolbox, vertical stabilizer

Skills and perks: sixth sense for the commander, repair for the rest of the crew. Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew. You can also try selecting skills that improve the tank's handling, like the clutch braking or the off-road driving.

Weak points

In Churchill VII, almost all flaws of the predecessor's have been improved upon - Churchill VII - British heavy tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough

In Churchill VII, almost all flaws of the predecessor's have been improved upon. Practically the entire front is plated with armor of the thickness of 152mm and, if you do not pack a cannon that is strong enough, you should not attack this vehicle from the front, nor from the back. The exception are the tracks, which cover the poorly protected hull. With the cannon, of the penetration value of, around 130mm, you can attempt to attack them from the front and hope that your shell manages to penetrate the internal armor and deals damage. The side of the hull, after it is angled, is just as resistant to direct hits as the front. Due to that, it is necessary that you attack this tank while at an angle of 90 degrees to it. The rear armoring is very weak and it can be penetrated, practically, by any cannon.

The front of the Churchill VII's hull is as resistant as the hull, and the sides are protected with, only, 95mm of armor. Unfortunately, the links of the tracks are suspended down from it, which increases resistance to fire - hitting any of them will deal no damage to the enemy.

How to play... the driver of the Churchill VII?

  • Although your vehicle is excellently armored, and it has a lot of health points, you should (unless the circumstances require otherwise) fight on it in the first line. While keeping the distance of 200 meters of the enemy, you are capable of piercing through its armor, and he will have considerable problems reaching your only weak point, which is the hull hidden behind the tracks.
  • While fighting vehicles of the same, or higher, tier, you can easily stop in front of them and start your fire. After being slightly angled, the front, and the exposed side, will be indestructible. You just need to watch out for the KV-1S and the SU-100 armed with cal. 122mm cannons, with 175mm of penetration value - they are, sometimes, capable of penetrating your armor.
  • While fighting vehicles of a higher tier, you still need to rely on the angling of your tank. Unfortunately, just like in the case of the Churchill I, such fights are very difficult: your armor cannot protect you from vehicles of the eighth tier and the cannon will have problems damaging them. You can make things a bit easier for you, by spending credits on premium shells.
  • Your tank is slow. Very slow. Even slower than the Churchill I. Before you start your journey around the map, you should find out where your support will be the most needed and go there. Unfortunately, the Churchill VII is incapable of changing positions quickly, and therefore, the inappropriate assessment of the allied forces' distribution, may result in the enemy ignoring you and capturing your flag.
  • This tank has a very low cannon elevation angle and should not fight in hilly areas, nor mountainous ones. Additionally, fighting over relatively flat areas increases the effectiveness of the front armor.

...against the Churchill VII?

  • While driving a vehicle of the same, or lower, tier, you should never attack the Churchill VII up front. Its front is incredibly resistant to fire, thanks to which it can even defeat several tanks simultaneously. The best idea is to flank the tank, or attack its weak rear.
  • While driving a tank of a higher tier, you can shoot towards the front, into the tracks. Not only will you immobilize the enemy this way, but also deal damage.
  • While fighting the opponent, you should shorten the distance and, after you immobilize it (by de-tracking) you will be able to circle the enemy and conduct continuous fire. The Churchill VII's spin is very slow and it will be incapable to follow you.
  • Just like in the case of each slow tank, you can de-track this one and summon the support of self-propelled guns - thanks to its size, the Churchill VII is an easy target.
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