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World of Tanks Game Guide by

World of Tanks Game Guide

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French Tanks - World of Tanks
French Tanks - World of Tanks
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Introduction | French tanks World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The French tanks available in the game are divided into low-tier pre-war vehicles, and wartime vehicles of high tiers. The former are similar to the vehicles of the other nations, whereas the latter have their own, unique playing style.

The French heavy tanks are very poorly armored and they are equipped with accurate cannons of very high penetration value. Stating with tier VIII, i.e. the AMX 50 100, they have the revolver magazine, which allows them to ire several shells before it is necessary to reload. Mostly, they are support tanks, very weak while in a lone hunting for the enemy, but they are perfect as vehicles of the second line. They require a good knowledge of the map on which you are going to play, because the low elevation arc makes it very difficult to fire an effective shot.

Unlike the remaining nations, the French have light tanks of higher tiers. Just like the heavy tanks, these vehicles are equipped with revolver magazines, which allows them to deal impressive damage, at the cost of long reload times. Of course, light tanks are even more poorly armored and have even less health points then medium tanks. This is why, playing on them is a real challenge - not only you need to make sure that you wound the enemies, but also you need to remember that you are tasked with reconnaissance and, which is even more difficult, keeping the tank in one piece.

The French medium tanks are constructions that form a continuation of solutions implemented in the light tanks. You still have access to revolver magazines, just the caliber of your cannon is higher. The construction of the tanks is slightly higher than in the case of light tanks - it is easier to hit them, but they also have more health points than their predecessors.

Tank destroyers are excellently armored and perfect cannons, which you have already seen on the previous vehicles. The AMX 50 Foch (155) is a peculiarity here and it has the revolver magazine for a cal. 155mm cannon. This tanks is capable of dealing the highest damage, of all vehicles in the game, within a mere 10 seconds.

The artillery available for the French deals, relatively, low damage but, it is highly accurate. Additionally, the Bat Chatillon 155, just like any other high-tier French tank, has the revolver magazine with the capacity of four shells. This means that, if you have received a hit from this self-propelled gun, there is a high probability that the three other will soon follow.


  • Revolver magazines
  • A perfect penetration value of cannons
  • Very high top speed and mobility


  • Long reload times
  • Very poor armoring
  • Very low cannon elevation
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