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World of Tanks Game Guide by

World of Tanks Game Guide

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USA Tanks - World of Tanks
USA Tanks - World of Tanks
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Introduction | American tanks World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The American tanks are often avoided by rookie players - the first vehicles available to you are not too effective in combat but, the more patient players will certainly reach the cherry on the pie: the medium tanks, heavy tanks and tank destroyers of the highest tiers arguably are the best ones in the entire game.

Unlike the German and the Soviet trees, the American one has only one branch of heavy tanks. These vehicles, starting with the T29, require using the hull down tactic on a regular basis, and angling of armor. After you master this difficult art, the American tanks become ones of the hardest in the game, and seizing positions occupied by them will always include sustaining heavy losses. After you unlock the M103, the features of these vehicles will be enriched by mobility, which will allow you to launch aggressive military operations and, occasionally, to break the enemy lines.

Medium tanks are characterized with good top speed and excellent mobility. The vehicles like the M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight" or the M26 Pershing are capable of circling attacks against the heavier enemies, and harass the enemy with continuous attacks from behind hills and elevations. Additionally, thanks to the higher range of vision, the American medium vehicles are excellent as passive scouts: after you mount the binocular telescope, you will be capable of detecting the enemy before they approach your lines.

Just like the Soviets, Americans have two lines of tank destroyers at their disposal. The only major difference between them is that they have (or they don't have) the turret - the vehicles without the turret are, usually, better armored, but they can only fire ahead. What you can find here are vehicles like the M18 Hellcat, which is popular around companies, or one of the toughest tank destroyers in the game: the T95. These vehicles are a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced tankmen, and the entire tree more than rewards the time that you have invested in them.

One of the most interesting branches of the American tanks are the ones equipped with revolver magazines. Vehicles like the T71, T69, T54E1 and the T57 Heavy, are capable of firing several shells within a short period of time, thanks to which they provide an impressive firepower. Unfortunately, every rose has its thorns - the reload times are twice as long, as in the case of regular vehicles.

The American artillery can be characterized in one sentence: large blasts, large damage, low accuracy. Uncle Sam's self-propelled guns are rarely accurate but, if the shell hits where you want it to hit, this will be fatal for the enemy - few tanks are capable of withstanding a direct hit from the T92.


  • Excellent armoring of the turrets of heavy tanks
  • Very good mobility
  • Short reload times for cannons
  • Excellent view range
  • Good cannon elevation and depression (allows you to shoot over hills)
  • Good accuracy in motion


  • Very poorly armoring on the vehicles' hulls
  • As a result of enemy fire, they often lose their crew members
  • Require knowledge of the hull down and armor angling tactics
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