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World of Tanks Game Guide

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T-34-1 | Chinese tanks World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

General information

Name - T-34-1 - Chinese tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough




Medium tank




100mm 44-100JT: penetration 175mm; damage 250


Hull: 60mm/45mm/40mm, turret: 170mm/120mm/60mm


1050 health points


Top speed: 50km/h, engine: 520HP


Medium range combat, support tank

The T-34-1 is the first, entirely Chinese construction, which draws extensively on the solutions implemented in the Soviet vehicles of the T-34 series. Unlike its Soviet counterparts, its turret, which now has a semi-spherical shape, is better armored and uses the 100mm cannon, thanks to which it can easily conduct fire from behind low walls an attack frontally some of the vehicles of the IS series, or the German Tigers. While in combat with vehicles of higher tiers, thanks to its mobility, it can flank the enemy and lay fire down on its weak points. In general terms, it is an excellent vehicle, which can serve as a training ground before you change to Chinese medium tanks of higher tiers.

Development, equipment, crew

The development of the T-34-1 should be started with developing a new suspension and then, the turret. Now, you will be able to mount the your vehicle with the 100mm 44-100JT cannon. The only thing left to do, then, is develop the missing engines and the radio to make the tank reach the elite rank.

Just like in the case of the other Chinese tanks, there are several relations here:

  • You receive the Type 102S1 engine for free, after you unlock the T-34-2 medium tank; this will allow you to save 11000 experience points
  • You receive the 12150L engine after you unlock the 110 heavy tank; this will save you, as much as, 16000 experience points
  • You receive the 100mm 44-100JT cannon automatically after you have unlocked the IS-2 heavy tank; this will save you 17500 experience points

As you can see, while developing the T-34-1, you can save a lot of time, if only you unlock the successive heavy tanks. I recommend that you use the option of "automatic" development of new engines because, even without them, your vehicle is sufficiently mobile.

Preferred equipment: Shell rammer, improved guidance system, improved ventilation

Optional equipment: toolbox, camouflage net, binocular telescope

Skills and perks: sixth sense for the commander, repair for the rest of the crew. Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew.

Weak points

The armor of the T-34-1's hull is, as if, it was made of paper - practically any direct hit will penetrate it - T-34-1 - Chinese tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The armor of the T-34-1's hull is, as if, it was made of paper - practically any direct hit will penetrate it. It is only cannons of the lower tiers that will, sporadically, ricochet.

The improved turret of the T-34-1 is its advantage. The 170mm of armor, in combination with the spherical shape, can easily repel any shell fired by the vehicles of tiers V, VI and VII. The larger cannons, most usually, will penetrate the glacis plate but still, an ill-aimed shell will often slide down without dealing damage to you.

The ammo compartment is located at the back of the turret and directly under it; the engine, which is a standard, at the back of the hull. These modules have low number of health points: the T-34-1 will sporadically burst in fire or explode.

How to play...

...As the driver of the T-34-1?

  • Just like the remaining vehicles of the T-34 family, the T-34-1 is a second-line tank, which serves mainly as a fire support for the rest of tanks.
  • The 100mm 44-100JT cannon is one of the strongest available for tier VII vehicles. The high penetration value and considerable damage are capable even heavy tanks. The available premium shells will allow you to penetrate the glacis plate of a tier VII, and sometimes even tier IX tank.
  • Due to the poor armor on you're the hull of your tank, you should always try and hide it from the enemy fire. By taking advantage of hills, ruins or rocks, and sticking your turret out, afterwards, you will be able to fire effective fire at the enemy, while remaining a hard target to get, at the same time.
  • While fighting with the vehicles of tier VIII and IX, your turret should be the way to succeed. You will have to avoid enemy fire and fire at him in such a way, so as not to be exposed to his counter-attack. Attacking from flanks and firing at the moment, at which the enemy is reloading, are the best methods here.
  • Due to the low accuracy of the 100mm 44-100JT cannon, you should carry out combat at a distance of, at most, 200m. Shot fired from a longer distance can often miss the enemy's contour, not to mention missing its weak point.
  • While fighting heavy tanks, you can try circling them while shooting at their weak points. This tactic works well against the lonely, sluggish giants, like the KW-4, but you also need to watch out for the heavy vehicles of high turret spin speed - these will be able to defeat you without major problems.
  • To the extent it is possible, protect the hull against direct hits - the t-34-1 explodes quite often, as a result of damage to the ammo compartment. Additionally, often you will have to extinguish the fire ravaging inside the vehicle.

...against the T-34-1?

  • While moving on tanks of the same, or lower, tiers, you should attack the hull of the T-34-1. It is very easy to pierce; additionally, there is a probability that each direct hit will set the enemy on fire or damage its ammo compartment on fire. It is best to fire a shot at the moment at which the enemy is busy reloading the cannon. The T-34-1 deals quite low damage per minute, which is why you can sometimes try exchanging fire with this tank.
  • While driving a tank of a higher tier, you do not need to worry about anything. Your cannon should be able to penetrate, both the hull and the turret, easily. You need to watch out, however, for enemies using premium shells, because they are capable of piercing the glacis plate in heavy tanks.
  • You should watch out for the flanking T-34-1, because they are capable of damaging any vehicle in the game, if they use the premium shells.
  • Just like in the case of the Type 58 can easily lose its tracks - it is worthwhile to shoot at its snub pulley or the drive gear to render it immobile, after which you can finish it off with another salvo. Often, you will also be able to damage suspension and another module, like the engine or the ammo compartment.
  • If you have a cannon of a larger caliber (e.g. 122mm) you can aim at the ammo compartment, while hoping to destroy the enemy in one shot.
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