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World of Tanks Game Guide

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Type 58 | Chinese tanks World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

General information

Name - Type 58 - Chinese tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Type 58


Medium tank




85mm 56-85JT: penetration 128mm; damage 160


Hull: 45mm/45mm/40mm, turret: 90mm/75mm/52mm


750 health points


Top speed: 55km/h, engine: 520HP


Medium range combat, support tank

Just like the Type 34 is a copy of the Soviet T-34, the Type 58 is a Chinese counterpart of the T-34-85. Unlike its Soviet original, it has a bit weaker 85mm 56-85JT cannon of higher rate of fire and longer focus times. Additionally, the vehicle itself has a higher number of health points than the T-34-85. The reliable armoring of the turret combined with a relatively effective cannon, allows you to fight, as equals, with enemies of the same tier. Against the stronger vehicles, it is going to be necessary to take advantage of your good mobility and attack the exposed sides , or the rear of the machine.

Development, equipment, crew

Just like its older brother, the Type T-34, also the Type 58 has a small number of modifications to develop. New suspension, the turret and the 85mm 56-85JT cannon are the most important. Now you can unlock the remaining modules.

Again, there are several relations here, which will allow you to save up experience points:

  • You receive the Type 102S1 engine for free, after you have unlocked the T-34-2 medium tank; this will allow you to save 11000 experience points
  • You receive the 12150L engine, after you have unlocked the 110 heavy tank; this will allow you to save 16000 experience points
  • The 9RM radio unlocks after you have developed the 59-16 light tank

Since the difference between the V-2-34 engine, and the best one- 12150L - is negligible, I recommend that you take advantage of the above facilitations and give up developing the driving unit for the Type 58.

Preferred equipment: Shell rammer, improved guidance system, improved ventilation

Optional equipment: toolbox, camouflage net, binocular telescope

Skills and perks: sixth sense for the commander, repair for the rest of the crew. Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew.

Weak points

The armor on the Type 58 is nearly identical with the one on the Type T-34 and it does not provide any protection against the vehicles of tier V and higher: 80mm penetration value is enough to pierce through your front or a side - Type 58 - Chinese tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The armor on the Type 58 is nearly identical with the one on the Type T-34 and it does not provide any protection against the vehicles of tier V and higher: 80mm penetration value is enough to pierce through your front or a side. The turret has been slightly improved and its front part is now protected by 90mm steel plate. Shells fired at it will ricochet sometimes but, in most cases you will be able to damage the vehicle.

The ammo compartment is located at the back of the turret and directly under it; the engine, which is a standard, at the back of the hull.

How to play...

...As the driver of the Type 58?

  • Just like the Type T-34, your vehicle is an universal use tank: you can create wolfpacks, serve as a support for heavier tanks by flanking the enemy, or to charge at the positions held by the lower-tier vehicles. The Type 58 is reliable, virtually, in any situation that you may face in the battlefield.
  • Unlike the Soviet T-34-85, Type 58 only has cal. 85mm cannons.. They deal less damage than their Soviet counterpart, which was made up for with higher rate of fire. Unfortunately, the damage per minute is not too high, which is why you should not fight with the other vehicles face-to-face.
  • While fighting tier IV vehicles, you can rely on your armor - after you angle them, you should be protected against any damage.
  • While fighting tier V and tier VI vehicles, you need to be more careful - their weapon is capable of damaging you, but you are the one to deal higher damage. In this case, it is a good idea to expose to the enemy, only the front side of the turret, fire a shot and retreat until you reload.
  • While fighting with tier VII, and especially tier VIII vehicles, your role will be restricted to supporting the heavier vehicles. You should focus on destroying light and medium tanks, which are trying to get at your artillery and, when the opportunity appears, fire at the sides of the enemy's heavy tanks.
  • You should always fight at medium distance, between 100 and 200 meters of the enemy. While fighting at short distances, you can be easily outwitted by the light tanks. Also, your cannon is not accurate enough to win sniper duels for you.
  • While fighting with heavy tanks, just like in the case of the Type T-34 you can circle around them and fire at their weak points. Unfortunately, due to the medium maneuverability of the Type 58, you will not be able to defeat. any enemy that you encounter, in this way.

...against the Type 58?

  • While on a lower-tier tank, you need to keep in mind that the Type 58 deals quite a lot of damage and is capable of destroying you in several shots only. The best idea is to flank its position, or respond with fire, while the enemy is reloading. Also, it pays off to fire from a location in which you are hard to get - gaps between buildings, windows, ruins - the cannon of the Type 58 is not the most accurate and will have problems hitting a point of this kind.
  • While driving a tank of a higher tier, you should always expose your front armor to fire. The Type 58 has only 128mm penetration value and therefore, it will have problems with an angled IS, or even the Tiger. Several well-aimed shots should turn the enemy into a wreckage.
  • You should watch out for the flanking Type 58, because they are capable of damaging even the tier eight vehicles.
  • Just like the Type T-34, it is easy for this tank to lose its tracks - it is worthwhile to shoot at the snub pulley, or the drive sprocket and finish it off with another salvo afterwards.
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