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World of Tanks Game Guide

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E-50 World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

General information

Name - E-50 - German medium tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough




Medium tank




10.5cm KwK 45 L/52 Ausf.B: penetration 220mm; damage 390


Hull: 150mm/80mm/80mm, turret: 185mm/80mm/80mm


1750 hit points


Top speed: 60km/h, engine: 900HP


Medium range combat, close combat, sniper

The E-50 is the heaviest medium tank in the game and, at the same time, one of the most effective vehicles available for the Germans. This vehicle has an excellent armoring which, in combination with high number of health points, allow it to withstand even concentrated enemy fire. The reliable armament in the form of the 10.5cm KwK 45 L/52 cannon, allows it to damage the enemy, and the damage of 390 points is comparable to the one dealt by heavy tanks. The E-50, in spite of quite low engine power (in comparison to its weight) can reach the top speed. It is one of the few machines that can easily ram into nearly any enemy in the game. Ramming a medium tank, at full speed, can often claim even half of the enemy's health points.

Development, equipment, crew

The E-50 is one of the most demanding and the most difficult tanks, to develop, in the game. Not only does it require a lot of experience points, but also patience - for the most part of the game, you will be driving an irritatingly slow, poorly armed and damage-prone tank Fortunately, when fully equipped, the E-50 more than makes up for all of these shortcomings.

There are two development paths for this tank . The first one is longer, but it allows you to develop fully the role of the sniper and damage heavily-armored vehicles: it consists in rapid development of the 8.8cm KwK 46 L/100 cannon. The other path is shorter by 43500 experience points but, for the next 105000 experience points, you will be driving a vehicle that is comparable to, if not worse than the Panther II.

Regardless of which option you select, your first (or second, if you have chosen the 8.8cm KwK 46 L/100 variant) step, will be to develop the Maybach HL 234 TRM P30 engine, which will ensure you with enough power to move this colossus. Now you need to focus on the turret that will ensure you with additional protection and additional health points. The final step for you to take is mounting a new 10.5cm KwK 45 L/52 Ausf.B cannon.

Recommended equipment: shell rammer, vertical stabilizer, improved ventilation

Optional equipment: toolbox, camouflage net, binocular telescope, improved guiding system, coated optics

Skills and perks: sixth sense for the commander, repair for the rest of the crew. Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew.

Weak points

The glacis plate of the E-50 is a 150mm steel plate inclined at a considerable angle - E-50 - German medium tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The glacis plate of the E-50 is a 150mm steel plate inclined at a considerable angle. This fragment is practically impossible to damage, apart from some of the tier X cannons. Fortunately enough, the lower fragment is merely 100mm thick, thanks to which, cannons of the penetration value of 200mm, or higher, will be capable of damaging it. The sides and the rear are quite vulnerable to impacts, because they are protected merely by a 80mm thick armor.

The turret of the E-50 is similar in shape, to the one that you can see in the Pz.Kpfw.V Panther and Panther II. Its front plate is 185mm thick, but it is small, due to which the majority of shells impact either the thick cannon armor, or the side armor, which is inclined at a big angle: this will result in a ricochet and you will deal no damage to the enemy. While attacking the turret, you either need to take a good aim (this is usually possible as late as in close combat), or to aim at its sides, of the rear.

The ammo compartment is located at the back of the turret and directly under it; the engine, typically, at the back of the hull. Shots fired into the center of the lower glacis plate are capable of damaging the gearbox and setting the tank on fire.

How to play... the driver of the E-50?

  • The E-50 is the best armored medium tank in the game, of high mobility and top speed, as well as good armament. For this reason, it can function as a mobile sniper, a flanking vehicle or even as an assault tank, which serves to break through the enemy lines.
  • The E-50 is a perfectly armored vehicle that can withstand a large number of enemy hits. The glacis plate is, practically, indestructible which is why, as soon as you hide the lower front plate, the enemy will have serious problems eliminating your vehicle. The turret is considerably weaker but still, it is a perfect defense against the enemy fire.
  • The 10.5cm KwK 45 L/52 Ausf.B cannon, may not be the best one available for tier IX medium tanks, but it is enough in this case. Its features are excellent accuracy, good penetration value and high damage. The focus time is also quite low, thanks to which the E-50 an quickly target and eliminate successive targets.
  • As a sniper, you can easily eliminate most of the vehicles in the game, especially light tanks and medium tanks. Thanks to the perfect accuracy, you can hit weak points of the enemy heavy tanks, from a distance of 200 meters.
  • While using the E-50 as a flanking vehicle, thanks to the high top speed, you will reach your position in no time at all. Your armament and armor, will allow you to defeat medium tanks and launch an attack into the back of the heavy vehicles.
  • In the case in which you are short of heavy tanks, the E-50 can easily replace them and clear the path for the other vehicles in the squad. The excellent armor, in combination with the high amount of health points, will allow you to take several hits, which will provide the rest of the squad with enough time to eliminate opponents.
  • The E-50 is a quite heavy tank which, in combination with the high top speed and number of health points, allows it to ram into most of the enemy vehicles . Hitting a light enemy tank with the charging E-50 often ends up in the enemy's destruction.

...against the E-50?

  • The E-50 is a very dangerous opponent and you should keep an eye on its position, throughout the battle, on a regular basis. As much as it is possible, always direct the heaviest cannons at it - the faster you destroy it, the greater your chances at victory are.
  • Most tanks will find it problematic to damage the E-50 from the front side. It is best to attack the front lower armor plate, the sides or the rear of the vehicle. If you are forced to shoot at the turret, it is necessary that you aim at its flat fragments.
  • The E-50 is very heavy and very fast, thanks to which it is perfect for ramming into the smaller opponents. If you see an E-50 charging at you, there are two things that you can do: try to avoid the hit or fire the cannon at the caterpillar tread of the German tank. If you manage to damage its suspension, the speed will turn the tank sideways or back to you, which will allow you to deal easy damage to it.
  • Unless you are on a tier X tank destroyer, I recommend against sniper duels with the E-50.
  • If you are driving the Soviet or the Chinese medium tank, you can try "gluing" to the side of the E-50. It is a quite tall tank and will have problems damaging the smaller opponent.
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