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World of Tanks Game Guide

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Indien-Panzer World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

General information

Name - Indien-Panzer - German medium tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough




Medium tank




9cm KwK 54: penetration 212mm; damage 240


Hull: 90mm/90mm/45mm, turret: 90mm/90mm/45mm


1300 hit points


Top speed: 50km/h, engine: 630HP


Sniper, Medium range combat, support tank

The Indien-Panzer is quite unique vehicle. This very poorly armored tank, which is susceptible to damaging of modules, has very high mobility; additionally, it is armed with one of the best cannons available for tier VIII medium tanks. Thanks to the perfect angle of the cannon's operation, it can effectively use the "hull down" tactic and conduct accurate fire against the enemy, while remaining invulnerable to fire itself. The high penetration value of the 9cm KwK 54 cannon, in combination with the high damage and very high rate of fire, will allow you to eliminate successive enemies and, even win a direct exchange of fire in one-on-one dues with the other tier VIII medium tanks.

Development, equipment, crew

Before you start playing with the Indien-Panzer, I recommend that you first gather, at least, 14000 spare experience points and unlock the 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71 cannon, on another tank (the Panther I or the Tiger) - otherwise you are up for an ordeal.

You start the development with improving on the suspension (this is where you allocate the spare experience) and mounting the 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71 cannon. Unfortunately, this tank is very sluggish, which is why your next step will be to upgrade the engine to the MTU MB 837 A - this will improve the vehicle's mobility. The final step is to unlock the 9cm KwK 54 cannon and the radio that is missing here.

Recommended equipment: shell rammer, vertical stabilizer, improved guiding system

Optional equipment: toolbox, camouflage net, binocular telescope, improved ventilation

Skills and perks: sixth sense for the commander, repair for the rest of the crew. Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew.

Weak points

The hull of the Indien-Panzer has a very unique shape - Indien-Panzer - German medium tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The hull of the Indien-Panzer has a very unique shape. Although its front is rounded and it is protected by 90mm armor, cannons of the penetration value of 175mm are capable of piercing it in practically, any spot. The weaker cannons should be aiming at the upper half of the glacis plate (60mm armor) or at the rounding of the glacis plate (90mm but at the right angle relative to you)

The turret's armor is also complicated. The machine gun nest on the right of the turret only has an armor that is 90mm thick. That is why, if you manage to hit it, it is easy to pierce it. The case is similar with the cupola - it is only protected with 90mm thick steel plate. The thickness of the cannon's armor is 130mm, which is why, cannons of the penetration value of 175mm, or higher, are capable of piercing it but, you should expect random ricochets.

The ammo compartment is located at the front of the hull (!), and the engine at the back. Several quick shots into the tank's front is capable of blowing the Indien-Panzer up.

How to play... the driver of the Indien-Panzer?

  • This tank is a lightly armored, mobile sniper vehicle - your task is to search out good sniping positions, take several shots and leave to find another, safe location where to continue the fight from.
  • Due to the poor armor, you should never expose yourself to fire. What is worse, most of the damage that you receive, is capable of your modules or wounding the crew. The worst scenario is that the high-caliber shells destroy your ammo compartment in one shot only, which results in blowing up of your tank.
  • The 9cm KwK 54 cannon is highly accurate, has high armor penetration value and deals high damage. Additionally, it also has short reload time, thanks to which you can destroy the enemy vehicles that you encounter. Its flaw is the long focus time.
  • Thanks to the cannon's good vertical operation angle, you can conduct fire from behind elevations. This is the best tactic to adopt by the Indien-Panzer, because this shields your hull from counter-attacks.
  • I recommend against using the Indien-Panzer for frontal exchange of fire but, if you are forced to, as long as the enemy does not damage your ammo compartment, you will be able to win such a battle with any tier VIII medium vehicle.
  • This tank is very vulnerable to artillery fire. While playing with it, you continually, need to change positions to avoid a fatal shot.

...against the Indien-Panzer?

  • It is a poorly armored tank and even lower tier cannons are capable of damaging it. In the case, in which, from behind an elevation, you can only see the Indien-Panzer's turret, you can easily fire at it, as long as you are equipped with a cannon of, at least, 175mm penetration value - the majority of the shells should damage the enemy.
  • The Indien-Panzer is a very mobile medium tank, which is why you need to pay attention to its location on the map, on a regular basis. In a situation in which it tries to flank you, it is necessary that you counter-act that - best by destroying the opponent.
  • This tank has a cannon with high rate of fire. I recommend against frontal duels; if you have no other choice, you should always target the front part of its armor and hope that you manage to damage the ammo compartment.
  • The Indien-Panzer is very easy to destroy with artillery fire. If you notice an immobile enemy, you can easily fire at him.
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