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World of Tanks Game Guide by

World of Tanks Game Guide

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Introduction | Description of selected tanks World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

We already know the mechanics in World of Tanks, few maneuvers and tactical tricks. We know how our equipment works and what to expect from our crew. So it is time to know machines, which we can command in the game. In this chapter I would like to briefly describe vehicles available in the game, taking into account most important information whether it is possible, such as armor thickness, weak points, special features, and tips on driving and how to fight against particular tank.

Before we go any further, we should remember one more advice: having a higher tier tank doesn't mean that we can earn credits easier or win more fights. Each tank has its individual conversion factor for earned credits, thus after two fights in which we've dealt same amount of damage, we could have quite different results. Generally tier 1-4 tanks earn enough credits to buy a higher tier vehicle with no problems. 5-6 tiers have the best ratio of gaining credits in the game - it is worth to have at least one such machine in our garage to get credits with it. Machines on higher tiers (7-10) can make money, but mostly it depends on player's experience and tank's equipment level. Most beginners will only lose money on them.

We also need to know, that even if we have higher tier tank, we will not win fights automatically. Unfortunately the machine won't win the battle itself, and there are many veteran players who are in the game world for several months or years. Their skills are so high that they can defeat a stronger opponent even without losing single HP. Thus it is important to familiarize with all vehicles: both in lower and higher tiers, to know their strengths and weaknesses.


  • Green: a part of armor which can be penetrated with lower tier guns.
  • Yellow: an area which can be penetrated with the same tier gun, but sometimes the shell can ricochet. Higher tier guns will have no problems with penetration.
  • Red: an area which almost always ricochet shells with the same tier cannons. Higher tier guns may also ricochet.
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