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World of Tanks Game Guide

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KV-2 World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

General information

Name - KV-2 - Description of selected tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough




Heavy tank




107 mm ZiS-6: penetration 167mm; damage 300


Hull: 75mm/75mm/70mm, turret: 90mm/75mm/70mm


860 HP


Maximum speed: 35km/h, engine: 560KM


Medium range combat, fight in close combat

KV-2 is KV-1 with bigger turret capable of mounting new cannon 107mm ZiS-6 or howitzer 152 mm M-10. In addition to new, heavier turret, this vehicle has an access to better engine and has more HP. Selection of the cannon influences our role on the battlefield. 107mm ZiS-6 allows us to hit targets at medium distance and due to its good penetration and huge damage inflicted, it is able to damage and even destroy 7 and 8 tier tanks, not to mention weaker opponents. The 152 mm M-10 howitzer turns this tank almost into artillery. Due to low accuracy it is best to use it at short distance, but there are cases of hitting opponent from 500 meters. Despite the fact, that the cannon can load AP shells, it is better to use HE shells: with 152 mm of caliber, one good hit can destroy 6 tier tank and seriously damage even 8 tier vehicle.

Development, equipment, crew

First we have to decide, whether we want to fight at long distance or use the howitzer in a close combat and then research a proper gun. Next step is to research new suspension, the second turret and after than other missing modules and vehicles.

  • Preferred equipment: Gun/Shell Rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Improved Ventilation.
  • Optional equipment: Binocular Telescope, Toolbox, Camouflage Net
  • Skills and Perks: Sixth Sense for Commander, Repair for the rest of the tankers. Then Brothers in Arms for the whole crew.

Weak points

KV-2 hull has same weaknesses as KV-1 - KV-2 - Description of selected tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough

KV-2 hull has same weaknesses as KV-1. Despite the fact, that KV-1 is most armored 5 tier tank in the game, it still has some weak points. Most important of them is top front plate with driver sight and machine gun stand. Both these points are poorly armored and easy to penetrate. Top plate alone is quite resistant and to break through you need at least cannon of 100 mm penetration and shoot at right angle. Bottom plate armor is similar to one from the top plate and it is also to break through with cannon of 100 mm penetration. Middle front plate is almost impenetrable for 5 tier tanks and stronger tanks also can have problems with that. By shooting KV-2 from the side or rear try to attack at the right angle and hit above tracks. Since the armor at this point is 75mm/70mm thick, cannon of min. 80 mm penetration should inflict damage from time to time. By shooting at its rear we can set the tank on fire.

Turret of KV-2 is weaker than the one from KV-1 and has large, flat and easy to hit areas. Attack from the sides or rear penetrate it with no problems.

How to play... a driver of KV-2?

  • It is as slow as KV-1 and its turret turns even slower than its predecessor. Before doing any maneuver we have to check enemy positions, so opponents won't flank us or destroy in the open area.
  • Same as with predecessor, our gamestyle depends on the cannon. If we have 107mm ZiS-6 gun, this tanks should fight at medium or large distance: we are able to damage 7 tier tanks and also 8 tier tanks but only if we aim at their weak points or by attacking them from sides.
  • When using the 152mm M-10 howitzer we load HE shells and aim at the weak points on the enemy armor. Good hit is able not only to largely decrease opponent's HP but also damage its modules and injure the crew. In case we attack smaller vehicle, it often happens that it will be destroyed in one shot.
  • Since we have same armor as KV-1 but our tank encounters more dangerous opponents, we can't go into shoot-out. After each shot we hide behind the cover and wait for reload.

...against KV-2?

  • First and most important rule: do not get hit by 152 mm M-10 howitzer. This is very painful experience, which can eliminate us from the fight. If the hit is imminent, we have to set our tank with its thickest armor towards the enemy as soon as possible, to reduce damage inflicted.
  • Tank armed with 107 mm cannon is very effective sniper, so it is best to approach it on the shoot distance while using terrain obstacles. The attack method is identical as with KV-1: we flank the enemy and avoid its counter-attack.
  • In case of KV-2 we can attack its turret from the sides. It is easier to hit it comparing to its predecessor.
  • When fighting at short distance from the front, we aim at weak points, such as driver sight. Attacking from the side or rear we shoot at the right angle at any point on the armor.
  • Good artillery hit on the sides or the turret of KV-2 can eliminate this tank from the fight.
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