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World of Tanks Game Guide

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T29 | American tanks World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

General information

Name - T29 - Description of selected tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough




Heavy tank




105 mm cannon T5E1: penetration 198mm; damage 320


Hull: 102mm/76mm/51mm, turret: 279mm/127mm/102mm


1250 HP


Maximum speed: 35km/h, engine: 800KM


Sniper, Medium range combat

T29 is the first heavy tank with features characteristic for American machines: relatively weak hull and indestructible turret, which can rebound even shells shot from Maus or Is-7. This tank, often considered as the best 7 tier vehicle, has well-balanced parameters such as mobility, maximum speed, durability and firepower. This is one of the best machines to keep the front line, especially if it is possible to set it in the hull down position (more information can be found in Advanced tips). In this position the tank can stop an attack of stronger machines with no problem. During the attack T29 is doing a bit worse, but still it is opponent who can't be underestimated: many tankers have lost a clash with the American machine in the close combat, because they made facehug possible. After mounting 105 mm T5E1 cannon this tank is able to damage any vehicle available in the game.


Development, equipment, crew

If we have used this guide while playing M6 tank, we should already have 90 mm M3 cannon - just mount it on the tank. Although, if we do not have it yet, it is first and most important module to research. After that we should develop new suspension and 105 mm T5E1 cannon. After mounting the gun we finish collecting experience points for the turret (it adds 100 HP and increases view range), develop both engines and finally a radio. Only when we have fully functional tank, we start the path leading to T32.

  • Preferred equipment: Gun/Shell Rammer, vertical stabilizer, Improved Ventilation.
  • Optional equipment: Binocular Telescope, Toolbox, Camouflage Net, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
  • Skills and Perks: Sixth Sense for Commander, Repair for the rest of the tankers. Then Brothers in Arms for the whole crew. If we intend to use this tank for longer, it is worth to invest into: Snap Shot, Clutch Braking and Safe Storage.

Weak points

A characteristic feature of T29 is medium armored hull and very resistant turret, so when we fight against it, we have to now, where to aim to destroy it - T29 - Description of selected tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough

A characteristic feature of T29 is medium armored hull and very resistant turret, so when we fight against it, we have to now, where to aim to destroy it. Despite of 102 mm of thickness, top front plate, especially after setting the tank at slight angle, can rebound even shells with 140 mm of penetration. Thus it is best to aim at machine gun stand or bottom front plate. If we have cannon of 160 mm penetration or more, just aim at the front of the hull - most of shots should inflict damage. Unfortunately, a good driver of T29 knows which elements of his machine are weaker, so he will often search for hull down position or try to frontally "hug" our machine. In such cases we have to attack the turret, and this is not a simple task.

Shots at front of the turret have no effect - 279 mm of armor effectively protects it against penetration. However this tank has two weak points, which can be used against it. First of them is commander's cupola and this is our main target, if we attack the turret - most of shot should penetrate it. Another target is triangular piece of armor just above the cannon's yoke - in this case we have to have at least 200 mm penetration cannon, but this is better option that attacking indestructible front armor. Sides and rear of the turret are not very resistant to shots, so we can also aim them. Hits at the "ears" do not any harm to the tank.

In addition to above, T29 has same weak points as rest of the tanks in the game - sides and rear. By aiming below the tower we are able to hit ammo rack and shots at the rear of the hull can set this vehicle on fire.

How to play... a driver of T29?

  • We always search for position where we can hide out hull and enemy can only attack from the front. Indestructible turret is our main advantage. Additionally we should search for the place, where enemy self-propelled guns can't hit us.
  • Despite the fact that our tank can shoot at long distance, penetration value of 105 mm T5E1 cannon will allow us to damage only same tier vehicles.
  • When fighting at medium or short distance we can aim at weak points of stronger machines, stopping them effectively (shots at tracks) or even destroying them.
  • If we do not have adequate cover and we fight at short distance, we should try to "hug" to the enemy from the front. Then we have to aim its weak points (mostly 0 commander's cupola), protecting ours - it is best to turn hull and turret.
  • If we set the vehicle at slight angle, we can take hits in tracks - T29 has surprisingly resistant tracks and usually they can be only broken but the tank doesn't lose HP.
  • This tank can strongly lower its cannon, which allows it to shoot from behind the hill without exposing its hull.

...against T29?

  • If we see it on the open field, try to shoot at tracks. We will force opponent to repair them and if he doesn't have the proper tools, we can often destroy him before he can set the tank in better position.
  • If the enemy is set in hull down position, we have to flank him. Frontal attack can be carried out only if we overwhelm the enemy: in this case we try to shorten the distance to the enemy and attack its side. As a last resort we use HE shells, shooting at the turret, thus reducing its accuracy.
  • When playing with lower tier vehicle we attack T29 only with other tanks - in this way several machines will have opportunity to shoot at its weaker sides and rear.
  • T29 is perfect target for self-propelled guns: high profile, big turret, quite big hull - most of shots should hit it. In addition artillery shells often damage modules and injure the crew.
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