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World of Tanks Game Guide

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T1 Heavy | American tanks World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

General information

Name - T1 Heavy - Description of selected tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough


T1 heavy


Heavy tank




76 mm cannon M1A1: penetration 128mm; damage 115


Hull: 83mm/44mm/41mm, turret: 102mm/83mm/83mm


660 HP


Maximum speed: 35km/h, engine: 960KM


Medium range combat, support tank

T1 heavy is first heavy tank available for American commanders. It is characterized by high silhouette, a solid 76 mm M1A1 cannon and, after researching, very good engine. Due to relatively weak armor compared to real heavy tanks as KV-1, this vehicle is not suitable for first line fight. Thanks to high power generated by the engine and maximum speed (35 km/h), it can keep up with medium tanks and flank enemy forces with them.


Development, equipment, crew

First module we have to research is new suspension - without it T1 heavy can't mount new modules. The next step should be an engine - Wright G2X M781C9GC1. After that - new turret and cannon. Before researching new tank we should invest in best available engine: Wright G200 M781C9GC1 and SCR 538 radio.

  • Preferred equipment: Gun/Shell Rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Improved Ventilation.
  • Optional equipment: Toolbox
  • Skills and Perks: Sixth Sense for Commander, Repair for the rest of the tankers. Then Brothers in Arms for the whole crew.

Weak points

Having cannon with about 100 mm cannon penetration we should break through T1 heavy in any point on the front plate, not to mention random ricochets. In case we do not have such powerful cannon, we can easily attack it from the flank or rear. 40 mm of armor is any obstacle, even for most 3 tier guns.

How to play... a driver of T1 heavy?

  • When fighting with lower tier enemies, we can easily attack them frontally. Front armor T1 heavy, set at slight angle will be not penetrable for enemies.
  • If the enemy has many 5 tier vehicles (KW-1, PzKpfw IV, other T1 heavy), we should play more conservatively and use all available terrain obstacles or ruins to flank the enemy. Frontal attacks are still possible but not recommended.
  • When fighting with higher tier opponents (especially 7 tier), we play as a support tank. In contrast to previous cases, our only way to damage enemy tanks is to attack them from flank. After finding the target, we shoot few times and then change the position to avoid the counter-attack.

...against T1 heavy?

  • If we drive lower tier tank, we do not attack T1 heavy frontally. It is best to flank it and shoot its very weak side armor. After few shots it is best to retreat to avoid counter-attack.
  • If we have 105 mm caliber howitzer (it uses only HE shells) we can easily aim at tank's back or rear: penetration and thus dealing full damage is almost guaranteed.
  • For same tier tanks the armor of T1 heavy should not be any challenge. But try to avoid one-on-one shootout because it is almost certain that we'll get heavily damaged.
  • When driving higher tier tank it is worth to place our machine frontally to T1 and then fire few shells which will almost certainly end the duel.
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