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World of Tanks Game Guide

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E-75 World of Tanks Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

General information

Name - E-75 - Description of selected tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough




Heavy tank




12,8cm KwK 44 L/55: penetration 246mm; damage 490


Hull: 160mm/120mm/120mm, turret: 252mm/160mm/160mm


1920 HP


Maximum speed: 30km/h, engine: 1200KM


Close combat fight, sniper

E-75 is the embodiment of all that is characteristic for German tanks: it is slow, heavily armored, has impressive firepower and huge amount of HP. This vehicle is a nightmare for all lower tier machines, because virtually none of the available guns can damage it. Fighting with opponents on the same or higher tier, it is able to hold its position and often force the enemy to stop the attack or retreat from actual positions. As a successor of PzKpfw VIB Tiger II, E75 has inherited its game style: experienced driver of King Tiger will cope well with driving a new machine, because it uses same tactics and maneuvers.

Development, equipment, crew

In its basic configuration, E-75 has excellent hull armor and solid 10,5cm KwK 46 L/68 cannon. The biggest drawback of new tank, is poor engine: Maybach HL 234 is not enough to move the 87 tons heavy machine, thus there are several developments paths for this tank. For players who do not mind low speed of E-75 with the basic engine, but they lack firepower, I suggest focusing on researching the new cannon, so in order: suspension, new turret and the gun. But if we're confident having 10,5cm KwK 46 L/68 cannon but lack the mobility, at first we should research Maybach HL 295 Ausf. A engine and then follow previously described path. Developing the engine is also a good idea, if we're going to buy medium tank E-50, because both machines use the same power unit.

  • Preferred equipment: Gun/Shell Rammer, vertical stabilizer, Improved Ventilation.
  • Optional equipment: Toolbox, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
  • Skills and Perks: Sixth Sense for Commander, Repair for the rest of the tankers. Then Brothers in Arms for the whole crew.

Weak points

E-75 is not only one of the best armored tanks in the game, but also his front has no explicit weak points - E-75 - Description of selected tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and Walkthrough

E-75 is not only one of the best armored tanks in the game, but also his front has no explicit weak points. Top front plate is the most resistant element of the tank - only cannons with the best penetration (270 mm and higher) shooting at right angle are able to break through from time to time. After setting the tank at an angle, this plate becomes almost indestructible. The front armor of the turret is also one of the best available in the game - it can rebound shells of almost all calibers. The only weak point on the front of the E-75 is its bottom plate and under favorable conditions it can be broke through even by cannons of 200 mm penetration. In most cases our cannon has to break through at least 225 mm of steel to penetrate this plate from the distance between 50 and 100 meters. In the case of E-75 you have to watch out for its tries of facehug, because in close combat effective thickness of its armor increases. In the case when we come to the contact, the only way to damage this giant is to shoot at commander's cupola.

Once we flank the E-75, we encounter armor of 120 mm, which can be penetrated with most cannons available on 7 tier vehicles. Side armor of the turret is higher and partially rounded, thus shots with higher calibers can sometimes ricochet. Like other German heavy tanks, E-75 has ammo rack located under the turret and breaking through its bottom front plate and attacks on the hull rear might set it on fire.

How to play... a driver of E-75?

  • Depending on the terrain where we fight, we can attack targets both from the distance as well as fight in close combat: as a sniper we do have accurate cannon and great armor and during fights at short distance we can add large amount of HP to these advantages.
  • This tank is perfect to block narrow passages - if we can hide from artillery and set the tank at slight angle, the only way to push us out of our position will be only risky attack of several vehicles.
  • Due to poor mobility we should react in advance to the changing situation on battlefield, in order to intercept enemy tanks. We also have to watch out for medium tanks, which can easily flank us. It would be good to have another vehicle which supports us.
  • When fighting with lower tier tanks we have to watch out only for attacks from the flank. Since that we can play very aggressively and literally push out the enemy from his defensive position.
  • When fighting with higher tier tanks we will have to aim at their weak points. Despite the fact, that 12,8cm KwK 44 L/55 gun is very good cannon, tanks such T110E5, Maus or even enemy E-75, are in most cases resistant to our shots.
  • If the opponent has big advantage, it is worth to use American tanks tactics: hiding the hull behind terrain obstacles. In this way we can stop even much stronger enemy.

...against E-75?

  • If possible, do not try to make a frontally shooting duel. E-75 has so good armor and so much HP, that it will win most of such clashes.
  • IF we have self-propelled guns in our team, it is worth to point them to our opponent and "soften" it a bit before the assault. Explosions of artillery shells often injure the crew and damage E-75 modules.
  • If this is possible, flank it. E-75 is so slow that it has problems with smaller tanks, which attack it sides or rear.
  • Ultimately, we can try to damage it tracks. With any luck the inertia will set the opponent sideways to us.
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