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World War Z Guide

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How to quickly level up and farm supplies in World War Z? World War Z guide, tips

Last update: 17 May 2019

Due to the class system, World War Z relies heavily on character development. As you advance in the ranks of a class, you will be unlocking more powerful perks, increasing the effectiveness of the character and gain access to better and more useful weapons and tools. Learning how to quickly farm experience points and Supplies used to unlock those perks will be crucial - you can find a detailed explanation of the process in the following chapter.

Leveling up - general information

The game rewards the player with Performance Bonus, but it does not states clearly what it is exactly. - How to quickly level up and farm supplies in World War Z? - FAQ - World War Z Guide
The game rewards the player with Performance Bonus, but it does not states clearly what it is exactly.

Experience points are gained through completing missions. For each time you make it to the end of the chapter, you will receive a fixed amount of experience points for your accomplishment. The exact amount depends on the difficulty level of the mission - the higher the difficulty, the more experience points (and Supplies) can be gained. What is more, the game often rewards the player with a 'Performance Bonus', providing extra experience points - although the game does not explain what the bonus is. Additionally, you will receive experience points regardless of the result of the mission - even failing it will net you some EXP, although less than for a successfully completed mission.

Note - the amount of experience points you receive for character development does not depend on the amount of kills you make. Kills "only" contribute to the weapon experience you receive.

Tip #1 - Play on harder difficulty levels

If you can, try playing on harder difficulty levels, especially on Very Hard and Insane. Completing missions on those levels can be quite difficulty, especially with a team of strangers, but it is well worth the effort - you will receive significantly more experience points and Supplies for doing so.

Note - do not play on Very Hard and Insane difficulty levels with a level 1 character. You will not be able to keep up with the enemies and you will waste yours and your allies' times.

Tip #2 - Gain experience points through losing

Fortunately, losing missions in World War Z will also net you some experience points and Supplies - it will not be the same value as for a successfully completed mission, but you will still gain a large portion. Paradoxically, losing the game on a higher difficulty level - especially on Insane - will offer you more experience points than winning a Hard one.

Note - even though it is tempting to level-up by losing missions on Insane difficulty, you should not use it. This can be considered an exploit and might be banned by the developers. What is more, you will not learn the game through such an exploit.

Tip #3 - Do not focus on killing enemies

Some players might be disappointed, but killing more enemies does not equal more experience points for character development - that value depends only on whether you complete or fail the mission. The kills, however, influence the amount of experience points your weapons get - if you want to quickly develop a certain firearm, you should focus on getting the most kills, preferably through headshots, as they offer more EXP.

Tip #4 - Pick a specific mission for farming

Some missions are better for farming experience points and Supplies mainly due to the fact that they require less time to complete - making them more time-efficient. Good places to farm EXP and Supplies are Episode 1 Hell and High Water and Episode 4 Final Cut - both of those missions are relatively short, allowing you to quickly replay them and offer opportunities to farm weapon experience as well.

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