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World War Z Guide

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Exterminator | Character classes in World War Z World War Z guide, tips

The Exterminator in World War Z is the crowd control specialist of the team. The character of this class will focus on dealing with zombies using Molotov Cocktails and/or Claymores, as well as fully automatic weapons. The class also offers various bonuses to the entire party, increasing the effectiveness of defenses and the resistance of party members against fire and explosives. In this chapter you will learn more about the Exterminator class in World War Z.

Exterminator class - general information

The Exterminator is the crowd control specialist of the team in iWorld War Z/i. - Exterminator | Character classes in World War Z - Character classes - World War Z Guide
The Exterminator is the crowd control specialist of the team in World War Z.

The Exterminator class is the crowd control specialist of the team, somewhat similar to the Hellraiser in the case of used equipment, but focusing not on obliterating foes but rather on limiting their movement. The core part of the class is the Molotov Cocktail - a well-known improvised explosive, capable of setting dozens of enemies on fire, preventing them from moving and killing them after a short time. The Exterminator, similarly to the mentioned Hellraiser, also has access to the Claymore mines. The class is extremely effective when dealing with the Bull - a well-targeted Molotov will set the special zombie on fire, disabling it from combat for several seconds, allowing the team to quickly eliminate the threat. The perks of the Exterminator increase the effectiveness of both the Molotovs and Claymores, increase the resistances of the character and the team against fire and explosive damage and even allow the character to boost defenses.

The class starts with a Molotov Cocktail and a Shotgun. Additionally, the class shines when dealing with a zombie swarm - all of the damage done by the Exterminator is increased by 25% when the zombie swarm appears and with the proper perk (Daredevil) this can be further enhanced.

The Core Perks of the class are: Firestarter, Bandolier, Hollywood II and Daredevil. The descriptions of all of them can be found in the further part of this chapter.

Exterminator - available perks

The Exterminator, like other character classes in World War Z, has access to 31 different perks. All of the perks were presented in the following table.

Level required

Perk name


0 - starter perk


Start with a Molotov and a Shotgun. You deal 25% more damage to zombies during swam attacks.



Molotov's fire damage is increased by 50%.



Molotovs burn 50% longer.


Crowd Control

Push radius from melee attacks is increased by 50%.


Rage Mode

When pinned down by zombies, the character will automatically rise up and push the attackers away. Does not affect special zombies.


All Elbows

Decreases the movement speed penalty when zombies are very close by 100%.



Increases the number of zombies required to pin down the character from 8 to 12.


Dragon Hide

Increases the fire resistance of the character by 90%.


Heavy Metal

The character starts with an improved RPGL4 that deals 100% more damage. All RPGL4 pickups are also improved.


Heavy Metal II

The character starts with an improved Taiga-12 Heavy Assault Shotgun, dealing 25% more damage and having 25% more ammo. All Taiga-12 Heavy Assault Shotgun pickups are improved.



Mortar and Stationary machinegun ammo capacity increased by 25% for the entire team. Durability of defenses increased by 25% for the entire team.


Deep Pockets

Carried ammo capacity for primary and secondary weapons is increased by 25%.



Health of the character is increased by 25%.



The character starts with an ARK-103 Assault Rifle.


Green Fingered

The planting speed of Claymores is increased by 50%. Claymores can kill 25% more targets. The character starts with a Claymore.


Fire Trap

Claymore explosions set fire to surrounding area. The character starts with a Claymore.


Combat Engineer

20% chance to restore an expended Defense Kit.


Second Wind

The character has a 100% chance to regain 25% health and keep going instead of becoming incapacitated. The ability has a 120 seconds cooldown.


Job Satisfaction

Killing 15 zombies in rapid succession gives 100% chance to gain a temporary health boost.


Cloak and Dagger

Killing 10 zombies in rapid succession with a melee weapon grants a masking effect. The ability has a 30 seconds cooldown.


Hollywood II

Explosive and fire damage to yourself and your teammates is reduced by 50%.


Broad Shoulders

Heavy weapon ammo capacity is increased by 25%.


Bullet Rain

All fully automatic weapons' reload speed is increased by 25%.


Third Hand

Killing 10 zombies with melee strikes in rapid succession instantly reloads your primary weapon.


Party at my Place

The character's Molotov capacity is increased to 3 and Claymore capacity is increased to 4.



Killing 15 zombies in rapid succession gives a 25% chance to restore one charge of your equipment.



The character has a 15% chance of using a Claymore or a Molotov without depleting an equipment charge.



Molotov and Claymores can kill 25% more targets.


Hot Sauce

Molotov's splash damage is increased by 50%.



Automatically receive masking effect if you are the last of your team still standing. Does not apply if you are incapacitated or pinned down.



When there are more than 30 zombies in the area, firearm damage is increased by 25% and number of melee strikes before becoming tired is increased by 2.

Note - Firearm damage is the damage done with ranged weapons (shotguns, rifles, assault rifles, pistols, SMGs and so on). It does not affect melee damage done with Machetes and Chainsaws.

Exterminator - tips

To sum up, we present a list of hints that will make playing the Exterminator character class easier and more effective:

  1. The Exterminator is the crowd control specialist of the team. The class has access to the Molotov Cocktail, an explosive that sets the enemies on fire, preventing them from moving and dealing continuous damage. With proper perks, the Molotov can cover a large area, killing most enemies - aside from Bulls - in seconds.
  2. The Exterminator, similarly to the Hellraiser class, has access to the Claymore mine. The mines can be placed anywhere on the battlefield and they will explode once an enemy gets close to them. With perks the Claymores can be made more deadly and even set the surviving enemies on fire, similarly to the Molotov.
  3. The class has a perk, Bandolier, that increases the effectiveness of defenses. The perk increases the ammo capacity of both Mortar and Stationary Machinegun, as well as increase the overall durability of defenses. This perk is extremely valuable during zombie swarms.
  4. The class shines during zombie swarms. Once a swam appears, the class gains a 25% bonus to all damage done. What is more, the class can unlock the Daredevil perk, further increasing the damage and the amount of melee strikes that can be performed without tiring, provided that there are at least 30 zombies near the character - which is easy to achieve during a swarm.
  5. The Exterminator has one of the most powerful perks at his disposal. The Second Wind perk allows the character to prevent getting incapacitated, restoring 25% health in the process. The ability has a 120 seconds cooldown and is immensely effective especially on higher difficulty levels.
  6. The Ghost perk is one of the best in the game to use on higher difficulty levels. Once the character has it unlocked, he/she will be masked, becoming invisible to the enemies, if all allies are incapacitated. The effect, however, does not apply when you are the one incapacitated or pinned down.
  7. If the team runs into any defensive structures, let the Exterminator set them up. Thanks to the Combat Engineer perk, the character has 20% chance not to use a Defense Kit, allowing it to use more than once. This can be extremely helpful at higher difficulty levels, where every bit of extra assistance is crucial.
  8. The Exterminator has a large bonus to the amount of heavy weapon ammo. The Broad Shoulders perk increases the amount of heavy weapon ammo the character can store by 25%, allowing the Exterminator to make better use of a weapon. If there is a heavy weapon lying on the ground, consider giving it to the Exterminator.

Note - you will eventually unlock all of the perks, but you should focus on the one you are really going to need, as unlocking them all will require a substantial amount of Supplies.

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