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Medic | Character classes in World War Z World War Z guide, tips

The Medic character class in World War Z is one of the two support classes - along with the Fixer - available in the game. The class relies heavily on the use of Medkits and Stim Pistol and increasing the effectiveness of both of those two items. At higher levels the class gains access to perks offering powerful offensive boosts, increasing the Medic's combat effectiveness tremendously. In this chapter you will learn more about the Medic class in World War Z.

Medic class - general information

The Medic is one of the two support classes - along with the Fixer - of iWorld War Z/i. - Medic | Character classes in World War Z - Character classes - World War Z Guide
The Medic is one of the two support classes - along with the Fixer - of World War Z.

The Medic is the support class of the game - the majority of its perks focuses on restoring or boosting the health of you or your teammates, increasing their chances of survival after getting incapacitated and increasing the overall effectiveness of medkits. As you progress in the Medic class tree, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of both medkits and Stim Pistol, decrease the friendly fire damage taken by your team and gain access to several purely offensive abilities, increasing the combat effectiveness of the character.

The class starts with a Stim Pistol, a Compact SMG and a free Medkit. The special ability of the class allows the Medic to receive 25% of the healing effect after using a Medkit on an ally.

The Core Perks of the class are: Booster Shot, Tenacity, Fighting Chance and Doctor's Bag. The descriptions of all of them can be found in the further part of this chapter.

Medic - available perks

The Medic, like other character classes in World War Z, has access to 31 different perks. All of the perks were presented in the following table.

Level required

Perk name


0 - starter perk

Booster Shot

The character starts with a Stim Pistol, a Compact SMG and free Medkit. Using Medkit on a teammate will also apply 25% of its effects on you.


Doctor in the House

Medkits heal 10% more (base: 70% of max health).



You apply Medkits 50% faster.


Sugar Coated

Healing a teammate with a Medkit also grants them a temporary health boost.


Patch Up

Restore 30% health to a teammate after reviving them.



Increases the revive speed by 50%.


Pick Me Up

Any teammate revived by you will gain a temporary health boost.


Big Pharma

Increases the amount of Stim Pistol charges to 4.



Stim Pistol gives 25% more temporary health and its effects last 50% longer.



Using the Stim Pistol on a teammate will also apply 50% of its effect on you.



All incapacitated team members will stay alive for 30% longer (base time is 40 seconds - 52 seconds with the perk).


Second Wind

Gives you 25% chance to regain 25% health and keep going instead of becoming incapacitated. The ability has a 60 second cooldown.



Health of the character is increased by 25%.


Navy Seal

The character starts with the SMG TMP5.



Gives you 25% chance of using a Medkit without depleting your supply.


Good Karma

Using a Medkit on a teammate will also apply 50% of its effect to you.


Combat Medic

Killing 15 zombies in rapid succession gives 10% chance to receive a Medkit.


Free Hugs

25% chance of using the Stim Pistol without depleting its charge.



Killing 15 zombies in rapid succession gives 25% chance to refill one equipment charge.


I'll Take That

Killing a special zombie gives a 50% chance to refill one equipment charge.


Fighting Chance

Using the Stim Pistol on a teammate who is pinned down will get them on their feet.


Forgive and Forget

Reduces the friendly fire damage for the entire team by 25%.


In the Zone

Using a Stim Pistol or Medkit adds a 50% damage boost for 10 seconds.


Fighting Fit

Firearm damage increased by 25% when your whole team has more than 50% health.


Battle Surgeon

The Stim Pistol heals 10% of max health in addition to the boosting effect.


What Was In That?

Stim Pistol effect allows the character to perform 4 additional melee strikes without tiring for 20 seconds.


Secret Ingredient

Stim Pistol grants additional masking effect lasting 5 seconds.



Restore 2 rounds in magazine for each headshot made with an SMG.


Swapping Mags!

SMGs' reload speed increased by 25%.



Reload speed increased by 50% when health of the character drops below 25%.


Doctor's Bag

Medkits used by you or your teammates restore 10% more health.

Note - Firearm damage is the damage done with ranged weapons (shotguns, rifles, assault rifles, pistols, SMGs and so on). It does not affect melee damage done with Machetes and Chainsaws.

Medic - tips

To sum up, we present a list of hints that will make playing the Medic character class easier and more effective:

  1. The Medic class is the support class of the team, providing you and your allies with various means of restoring and boosting health. If you are looking for an offensive character, you should avoid using the Medic.
  2. The Medic class has powerful tools to restore and boost the health of the team. The Stim Pistol does not offer direct healing, as it gives a temporary boost to the health, but it can be repeatedly used and applied from a long distance, allowing allies to survive through dangerous situations.
  3. The main flaw of the Stim Pistol, boost instead of healing, can be solved with the Battle Surgeon perk. The Battle Surgeon perk allows the Stim Pistol to heal 10% of max health of the character. This, coupled with the fact that the item can be used from a distance and enhanced with other perks, makes the Stim Pistol a valuable and highly effective healing and support tool.
  4. On higher levels, the Medic gains access to perks offering significant offensive boosts. In The Zone perk gives the character a tremendous increase in damage after using the Stim Pistol and the Fighting Fit gives a permanent bonus to firearms damage as long as the health of every team member is above 50%. This allows the Medic to constantly boost his own damage output.
  5. Due to its perks, the class relies heavily on the SMG weapons in combat. The Lobotomy perk will allow you to constantly regain ammo, provided that you can hit enemies in their heads and the Swapping Mags! and Adrenaline perks will come in handy when you will need to reload your weapon, decreasing the time needed for the process to end.
  6. The class has access to a perk - Forgive and Forget - that decreases friendly fire damage. It should be unlocked as quickly as possible, especially if you plan on playing on higher difficulty levels.
  7. The Medic can assist allies from a safe distance. The Stim Pistol offers various bonuses aside from the healing boost - increase to the amount of melee strikes that can be performed before the character becomes tired, a small health restoration effect and even a boost to the damage of the Medic himself.
  8. If there are Medkits to pick up, let a Medic get them. The class has access to numerous perks increasing both the effectiveness of the Medkit, as well as the overall healing capabilities of the character.
  9. The Second Wind perk is one of the best in the game. It gives character a 25% chance to get back up after becoming incapacitated, restoring 25% of max health in the process. This allows the player to survive a dangerous encounter without the need of assistance, as well as get back up after all of the team members are incapacitated, giving you and your team a second chance to push through the mission.

Note - you will eventually unlock all of the perks, but you should focus on the one you are really going to need, as unlocking them all will require a substantial amount of Supplies.

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