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World War Z Guide

World War Z Guide

Kill the Dead! The World War Z Guide is a comprehensive source of knowledge concerning this cooperative game. Our guidebook provides information on what kind of zombies you will encounter, how to defeat them, how to develop classes, and what skills are worth to unlock.

Last update: Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The following guide to World War Z is a complete compendium of knowledge, containing description of all of the elements of gameplay. The guide starts with tips for the start as well as descriptions of the main mechanics of the gameplay, where you can find the most-needed information when starting the adventure with the title. Here you can find chapters describing, among all else, the combat mechanics, detailed information about every class available in the game, coupled with tips on developing them, as well as characteristics of available equipment and the means to further upgrade it.

The guide also includes an extensive FAQ section, where everyone will find answers for the most difficult questions and solutions to problems that await for beginners, as well as the more experienced players. Here you can find information on ways to unlock new character abilities, list and ways of obtaining the most effective weapons in the game, methods of dealing with special enemies, as well as how to improve the performance of the game. There are also tips about the game itself - how to combat the undead, navigate in the game and tips not associated with the gameplay itself. The Annex section, in which you can find chapters about controls and system requirements, closes the guide.

World War Z is a TPP shooter game based on the license of a movie with the same title. The game takes place in a world controlled by a zombie pandemic and the players are fighting to survive on the terrains of New York, Jerusalem or Moscow. The game has been developed with focus on 4-player cooperation - close cooperation of players become especially important on higher difficulty levels. The action is displayed from the third perspective (TPP) and the players take control over one of the available characters and character classes and the choices have a significant impact on the gameplay. The game was developed by Saber Interactive, a company known from the FPS Timeshift, as well as God Mode, another title focusing on player cooperation. The game was released on PC, PS4 and XONE.

Tips for a good start

Before you start your adventure with World War Z, we recommend you read through the tips presented below. They will make entering the game significantly easier and will be useful both to the new players, as well as the more experienced ones.

This box allows players to replenish ammo. - World War Z Guide
This box allows players to replenish ammo.


  1. Remember to replenish ammo whenever you have a chance to do so. During the game in World War Z your team will be eliminating thousands of enemies and you might quickly end up without ammo for any of your weapons. You can use melee combat in a critical situation, but you should not depend on it too heavily, if you do not want to receive unnecessary damage. Ammo can be replenished by special boxes - those are always located near key locations (where you need to defend from the zombie swarm), you can also stumble upon them while exploring the map.
  2. Monitor your surroundings. The mini-map is always available in the game - on it you will find the locations from which the enemies are coming (marked with a red field), as well as information about the locations of your allies (blue dots on the mini-map).
There are numerous item caches scattered in the game. - World War Z Guide
There are numerous item caches scattered in the game.
  1. Look for new equipment. During missions you will frequently stumble upon item chests - inside you can find explosives, medkits or new weapons. New types of weapons can also be found lying in the open. It is worth to keep an eye out for new equipment and change it if needed.
It is always worth to eliminate enemies quietly, with a silenced weapon. - World War Z Guide
It is always worth to eliminate enemies quietly, with a silenced weapon.
  1. If possible, eliminate enemies quietly. The enemies will almost entirely ignore silenced weapons (like, for instance, the pistol available for most classes at the start of missions) and most of them will go down from a single headshot. Shooting from a "regular" weapon causes a lot of noise, attracting unwanted attention of all nearby enemies - it can even cause a Swarm to appear.
  2. Shoot accurately, with short series. Even though it might seem that there is a surplus of ammo available on the map, real problems appear on higher difficulty levels. Short, accurate series and focusing on the heads of your foes will allow you to swiftly eliminate your enemies and save a large amount of precious ammo. If you run out of ammo and there is not box to replenish it from, further encounters with the under will be difficult.
Explosives can also be replenished. - World War Z Guide
Explosives can also be replenished.
  1. Save your explosives for encounters with larger groups of enemies. Explosives are useful both in narrow passages (corridors, interiors of buildings) to quickly eliminate large groups of enemies without the need to use ammo, as well as when facing a Swarm - a huge group of zombies that can go into thousands that appear in key moments of missions (like, for instance, when the team must defend a specific point on the map). Using grenades, C4s or Molotovs on single enemies is a waste.
  2. Play as a team. Direct cooperation of teammates in World War Z is crucial, especially on higher difficulty levels. Going alone will quickly deplete you off ammo and you will most likely either run into a huge group of regular zombies or will be caught by a special enemy (Bull or Creeper) - in the latter case assistance from a teammate will be crucial, as you will not be able to escape the clutches of the enemy on your own. Move in a group to be able to swiftly eliminate enemies.
If your ally is heavily wounded, consider healing him/her with a medkit. - World War Z Guide
If your ally is heavily wounded, consider healing him/her with a medkit.
  1. Heal and rescue incapacitated allies. Once the health points of an ally drop to 0, his/her character will be knocked down. Other teammates will be able to approach the fallen one and "revive" him/her. The time to resuscitate an ally is limited, as well as the number of times this can be done before the character dies permanently - this decreases as the difficulty level goes up (on Instane the character dies after one knockdown).
Special enemies - in this case the Bull - differ severely from typical zombies. - World War Z Guide
Special enemies - in this case the Bull - differ severely from typical zombies.
  1. Watch out for special enemies. There are several types of those foes - Reaper, Bull, Screamer and Hazmat. Each one of them is characterized by different behavior and abilities, each one must be handled differently. Their detailed description can be found in the separate chapter of this guide.
  2. Test all of the classes available in the game. There are several classes available in the game, each one different from the other - you will find classes focusing on dealing damage, as well as those that are there to support others. Detailed descriptions of all of the available classes can be found in the separate section of this guide.
  3. Pick your class depending on the team needs. World War Z is a game requiring close cooperation of all of the party members, which also manifests in the character classes. If the team lacks a damage dealing class do not select a medic/fixer and if the rest of the team focuses on dealing damage you should consider choosing a support class. This can severely affect the chances of successful mission completion.
  4. Upgrade your weapons. Each weapon in the game can be further developed. This is done simply through using a specific firearm - killing enemies with it gives the weapon experience points. Once the weapon levels up, you will be able to select a modification for the firearm - increasing the accuracy, handling, the amount of bullets in a magazine or damage dealt.

Gameplay basics

In this section you will find chapters describing the basic mechanics of the gameplay. Here you will find, among all else, the explanation of the combat system, a list and description of all of the enemies in the game, coupled with hints on how to deal with them or the description of the interface.

Character classes

In this section of the guide you will find chapters associated with character classes - a list of all of the available classes, along with their detailed descriptions and hints on how to use them in combat.


In this section of the guide you will find chapters associated with equipment. Here you will find a list and description of all of the available weapons and items, descriptions of weapon parameters, as well as the mechanics of weapon development and upgrade.


In the FAQ section of the guide you will find chapters in which we answer all of the questions that might arise during the game in World War Z. From here you will learn, among all else, how to quickly develop your character, how and which abilities should be unlocked first, how to change difficulty level or which weapons from specific tiers are the best.


The closing section of the guide, in which you will find controls for PC, Xbox One and PS4, as well as the system requirements for each platform.

About World War Z Guide

Author : Jakub "jbugielski" Bugielski for

Translator : Jakub "jbugielski" Bugielski

last update : May 8, 2019

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World War Z Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Saber Interactive
  • publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE

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