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Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Guide by

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Guide

Table of Contents

Praetorian | Character class in Wolcen Wolcen guide, walktrough

On this page of our guide to Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, you will find a list of Warlock skills. You unlock skills by developing the character.

Increases all resistances - Praetorian | Character class in Wolcen - Skills, character development - Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Guide

Impervious Wall

Increases all resistances.


Increases all attacks.

None Shall Pass

Increases the chances to block.

Perfect Defense

Increases the efficiency of the block.

Selfless Courage

Increases all resistances after blocking a hit.

Immortal Blood

Increases health recovery.


Increases the chance of critical damage.

Rightful Vengeance

Increases damage from physical resistance.


Increases health recovery.

Iron Skin

Increases all resistances.

Strike Like Lightning

Move, attack, and cast spells faster.


Increases ferocity.

Kingless Aegis

Extra chance to block with any weapon.

Unorthodox Technique

Extra chance to block with any weapon.

Royal Blessing

Increased block efficiency.


Increases the hero's health.

One Man Crusade

Increases attack power and critical damage chance.

Sacred Oath

After blocking an attack, adds 2 weakness stacks on targets within a radius of 7 meters.

Fight of the Kingless

+1 weakness stack on the block.

Laibonite Discipline

Increased block efficiency.

Regenerative Body

Increased health recovery.

Weak Spot Focus

Increases critical damage.

Holy Gift

Health orbs appear more often.

Divine Alms

Health orbs give more health.

Blessed Manna

Increases all resistances for you and your team when you pick up health orbs.

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