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Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Guide by

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Guide

Table of Contents

Warlock | Character class in Wolcen Wolcen guide, walktrough

On this page of our guide to Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, you will find a list of Warlock skills. You unlock skills by developing the character.

+20 might upon hit - Warlock | Character class in Wolcen - Skills, character development - Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Guide


+20 might upon hit.


Increases the speed of casting spells.

Elemental Manipulation

Additional damage from the elements.

Witchcraft Adept

Increases occult damage.

Residual Energy

Recently cast spell increases attack damage.

Hyper Self-Awareness

Increases the speed of the force field's recovery.

Duty to Exterminate

Strengthens rage and might.

Twisted Obligation

Increases rage and might.

Self-Preservation Instinct

Decreases the delay of the force field.

Sharp Insight

Increases the force field.

Strike Like Lightning

Move, attack, and cast spells faster.


Bonus wisdom points.

Reining in the Darkness

Increases the chance of a critical hit with spells by 100% if the power is above 75%.

Dark Calling

Increases mana regeneration.


Reduces the cost of spells.

Magic Mastery

Increases spells power.

Unholy Dominion

Increases casting spells speed and reduces their cost.

Resilience to Corruption

Damage over time reduces your force field before they affect your health.


Increases all resistances.

Ancient Trinket

Increases resistance to negative effects


Reduces the delay in restoring the force field.

Ravenous Magic

Sucks out more life points with spells.

Faith Leech

Drained life affects the force field, not health.

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