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WipEout Omega Collection Guide

WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Futuristic race WipEout Omega Collection is a collection of tips that will help you to quickly grasp the basics of this game. In our publication, you will find description of vehicles, starting tips and more.

Wipeout Omega Collection is a unique racing game in which players race in futuristic vehicles and compete on various tracks of the future. Omega Collection combines games from previous generation platforms such as Wipeout 2048 (PSVita), Wipeout HD (PS3) and Wipeout Fury (expansion set to Wipeout HD on PS3). Despite the age of the franchise, game still has a beautiful, neon-color graphics design that feels futuristic.

1 - WipEout Omega Collection Guide


Accelerate - WipEout Omega Collection Guide


Change weapon/nitro to Energy Shield - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Change weapon/nitro to Energy Shield.

Change camera view - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Change camera view.

Hard left turn - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Hard left turn.

Hard right turn - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Hard right turn.

2 - WipEout Omega Collection GuideL1 - rotate the vehicle by 180-degree - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

L1 - rotate the vehicle by 180-degree

R1 - look backwards

Left analog - move and control your vehicle - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Left analog - move and control your vehicle

Fire weapon/booster - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Fire weapon/booster

rotate the vehicle by 180-degree - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

rotate the vehicle by 180-degree

Race modes

There are several game modes available in Wipeout Omega Collection:

  1. Race - Standard race with opponents.
  2. Time Trial - this is a time trial. You should beat the time specified by the game.
  3. Zone - this is a mode in which you have to drive and survive as long as possible without crashing. With each completed Zone player's vehicle accelerates and is more difficult to master. To win, you have to finish the specified number of Zones. The game ends when the vehicle is completely crashed.
  4. Zone battle - it's a zone mode but with opponents. You have to earn a certain number of points before your enemies manage to gather them. From time to time you will receive a Zone boost. It will speed you up and allow you to score faster. Avoid driving into barriers or you will break your car. Despite that, unlike the classic Zone, you will be respawned and lose a lot of points.
  5. Combat - in this mode, players collect weapons and boosters in order to attack opponents with them. For every successful hit with a weapon you get a certain number of points. Game ends after the specific time of the race. Player with the highest amount of points wins.
  6. Speed Lap - in this mode you can set new time records per lap on any track. Once per lap you get a booster.
  7. Eliminator - a mode similar to Combat, but you need to get a certain amount of points. After elimination, cars get a respawn.
  8. Detonator - you fly in your vehicle and shoot at mines or bombs which add you some points. A few collisions with mines will blow up your car.
  9. Tournament - it's a competition in which you race against your opponents on the routes you have set. You can select tracks as you like - from 1 to 12.
Weapons include, among others, rockets, cannons and tracking missiles - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Weapons, boosters and nitro fields

Weapons include, among others, rockets, cannons and tracking missiles. Depending on the car, the effect of the weapon varies and it is based on weapon's statistics. For example, a vehicle with a low Firepower rating will fire only one rocket, and a vehicle with a high rating may shoot up to three rockets at the same time. You can obtain weapons after you drive through a yellow field on the racing track.

Boosters include a turbo, shield or a mine, and effects of these special items vary depending on your car - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Boosters include a turbo, shield or a mine, and effects of these special items vary depending on your car. You obtain boosters and special items by driving on the green field on the track.

Afterburner (nitro) field gives your vehicle amazing boost in acceleration - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Afterburner (nitro) field gives your vehicle amazing boost in acceleration. Drive through it as often as possible, because it may help you in winning the race. If you drive on a single nitro field, you'll get a little acceleration. If you drive on a few nitro fields in a row, your vehicle will speed up to incredible speeds.

Several vehicle brands are available in Wipeout Omega Collection - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Vehicles and their stats

Several vehicle brands are available in Wipeout Omega Collection:

  1. Feisar
  2. Qirex
  3. Pir-hana
  4. AG Systems
  5. Auricom

And each brand has 8 different types with different statistics. There are 4 main statistics such as:

  1. Speed - determines the speed at which your vehicle is moving.
  2. Firepower - it determines the strength of your weapons and supporting items. If the vehicle has a high Firepower, it can fire three missiles at the same time. If a vehicle has lower stat of Firepower it will shoot with just one missile.
  3. Handling - affects the maneuverability of the car. The higher the handling, the swifter the moves of your car. If a vehicle has a high handling stat it behaves much better in taking corners on the track.
  4. Health - amount of health points. Each vehicle has an Energy Shield bar in the bottom left corner. You lose energy shield by hitting track rails and taking damage from enemy weapons. Energy Shield can be gained by sacrificing a weapon or a special item by pushing the circle button. If you do so, then you will gain 10% Energy Shield. If the Energy Shield bar drops to 0%, your vehicle explodes. In other words, you will be eliminated.
3 - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Beginner Tips

  1. You can change the car's motion sensitivity in the options menu. Default value is 50%.
  2. Also, in the pause menu you can turn on/off the Pilot Assist. The vehicle will roll automatically when you drive on a platform. Additionally, it will aid your turning, like a traction control in real cars.
  3. If you have a weapon or special item which is not required at the moment, you can replace it with 10% Energy Shield (vehicle health points) after pressing the Circle button.
  4. If you rotate in the opposite direction and face the wrong way due to a collision, you may use L1 button to instantly rotate your vehicle by 180 degrees.
  5. By using the Triangle button you can change the camera view. Set one that suits you best.
  6. By pressing L2 and R2 you can get more steering while taking sharp corners.
Wipeout Omega Collection features a photo mode that allows you to take a picture of your vehicle during the race - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Photo mode

Wipeout Omega Collection features a photo mode that allows you to take a picture of your vehicle during the race. You can even change the camera view, blur or screen depth.

4 - WipEout Omega Collection Guide
5 - WipEout Omega Collection Guide

About WipEout Omega Collection Guide

Author : Krystian "Bulaj" Skorupski for

Translator : Filip "Mithgandir" Liebert

last update : August 22, 2019

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

WipEout: Omega Collection Video Game

WipEout: Omega Collection
  • genre: Racing

  • developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • platform: PS4

A collection of two refurbished titles from a series of futuristic racing games for PlayStation 4. WipEout: Omega Collection consists of two titles: WipEout HD, with an expansion – Fury, and WipEout 2048.

WipEout: Omega Collection for PS4 is a new installment of futuristic racing games dedicated to PlayStation consoles from the birth of the fifth generation. Finally, PS4 received its own Wipeout title, which in essence isn’t a new game, but a compilation of three refurbished games from the previous generation – WipEout HD + Fury add-on from PlayStation 3, and Wipeout 2048 from PlayStation Vita.

Basically, Wipeout is a challenging racing game that allows us to take control of anti-gravity vehicles, taking part in various races battling the time and other pilots. Controlling individual machines (in all, 46) requires agility, while each vehicle retains its individual feel, and his its own set of parameters, such as handling, speed, or even durability – during the races, we can be attacked by other drivers using weapons that can be acquired by collection of markers during the race.

One of the prerequisites to success is learning the course – In all, we are left with 26 race tracks that are known for being complicated, and fast-paced at the same time – the tracks often swerve, shirk, while the vehicles reach breakneck speeds in a matter of seconds. Additionally, time attacks make use of e.g. accelerating fields, location of which have to be known by heart.

In all, WipEout: Omega Collection for PS4 introduces nine gameplay modes, divided between the games in the compilation: Zone, Tournament, Speed Lap, Time Trial, and Single Race from WipEout HD, Zone Battle, Eliminator, and Detonator from Fury, and Career Mode from WipEout 2048. As always, we’ve received a split-screen multiplayer mode and an online mode for up to eight players.

All the games have been adapted to modern graphical standards, and were upscaled to HD resolutions (including 4K) working at 60 frames per second. Additionally, the developers introduced new soundtracks.

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