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WildStar Game Guide

Table of Contents

Rules | Crafting WildStar Guide

You can start Crafting at level 10, after you receive a specific quest. You then select at most, two Tradeskill paths, with an NPC. You need to remember here that to craft weapons, you need, e.g. stones. To mine for the stones, you need to know how to do that, so you need to start with Tradeskill Mining, and you need to buy appropriate tools from a vendor. The above example shows that some of the paths are interconnected and you need to pay attention to that, while making your selection.

Remember that you can always replace one of your Tradeskills, once per 24h.

The below table presents the interconnections:



Armorer (Heavy armor)


Outfitter (Medium armor)



Relict Hunter


Survivalist, Mining, Relict Hunter

Tailor(Light armor)

No Steam


No Steam

To craft better and better items, you need to get promoted to the higher crafting levels. There are six levels to each path and at each, you can craft better and better items. It is not that important at the very beginning, it is not that important what items these are, because you receive experience for each item that you craft. Still, you need to note the board that is always next to the crafting table. It is there that the quests to craft certain item, can be found. After you give them back, you receive more craft exp. You need to note here that in each land, you receive different quests. If you have not been doing the crafting in the first land and go to the next one, on the board there, there are the quests for the second level, although you still do not have it.

The TechTree - Rules - Crafting - WildStar - Game Guide and Walkthrough
The TechTree

You gain access to three windows:

Schematics - Here, you can view the schematics that you have, which have been divided depending on their type and information, what you need to craft the item. With everything on you, you can click the "Preview" button to start crafting but, only if you are standing close to the crafting table.

TechTree - This is a quest tree, of a kind, which tells you what things you need to do, and how many times, to obtain stars and new recipes. You need stars for the third Talents tab. Often, the quests are interconnected and to do one, you often need to perform all of the previous ones, which are connected with this one, by means of a line. At the very top, you see the name of the tree that you are currently crafting in. After you expand it, you will be able to transfer between the individual levels and, additionally, you can find there information on how much experience, in a given field, you currently have. Once you reach the top experience level, you will gain access to the next one. New recipes can be obtained by means of completing the quests from the TechTree and by finding them during the world exploration.

Talents - tree of skills that helps you during crafting. Each level requires a certain amount of stars to unlock, For example, the first one requires four stars. You obtain stars by completing the quests from the "TechTree". You can choose one talent from each level.


Crafting - Rules - Crafting - WildStar - Game Guide and Walkthrough

To craft an item, you need to have selected an appropriate Tradeskill, which provides you with initial recipes and the necessary resources. Some of the resources can be bought from a vendor, near the crafting table, but you can mine for the others, using tools, or buy from the other players.

With all the materials that you need, you can start crafting. After you click on the specific recipe, you only need to click the "Preview" button to access the crafting window.

You need to fill in all the slots marked with the "+" symbol. These slots are divided into the ones for items and the ones for a bonus to statistics. If you have a slot for an item, e.g. Powercore, you need to have it in your equipment. You can obtain one from the nearby vendor, most usually, or "Salvage" it from a weapon.

With everything ready, note the power level bar (the one in orange, at the bottom). If it is not filled up, you can buff the bonus to statistics, up until the moment that it reaches its top limit. If you exceed the limit, this will be gradually increasing the chance of failure.

Salvaging and tools

each weapon can be disassembled and you can try to obtain resources from it. You simply need to drag the item on to the appropriate icon, next to the "Tradeskill bag".

You need tools to mine for resources, if you have the Tradeskill such as Mining or Relic Hunter. You can buy them from the vendors, who usually are standing close to the crafting stations. There are 3 tools:

Laser Pickaxe - Mining

Relic Blaster - Relic Hunter

Laser Chainsaw - Survivalist

Using these, you can mine for materials, outside of the city. They are marked in green on the map, after you approach them. The game promotes the system of ushering you so, in the initial lands, you will find the resources that you need for the first levels of crafting and, in the following ones, better and better. The same goes for the items, the better the item that you destroy, the better resources you will obtain.

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