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Paths | Classes and builds WildStar Guide

In Wildstar apart from the race and the class, you need to select one of four paths for your character. This allows you to receive more missions connected with what you like most. Additionally, for gaining levels from your path, you receive special skills. Remember that the path cannot be changed during the game. The maximum path level is 30 and while gaining levels, you will receive three skills, outfits, fabkits and the other social items. The path does not need to be completed, up to the end, if you do not want to. Still, it is recommended that you do so, in order to receive the three skills.

Leveling up of the explorer - Paths - WildStar - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Leveling up of the explorer


This path should be taken by those who prefer to fight. As the Soldier, you will be receiving quests that, mainly, rely on killing. Many times, you will receive an assassination contract, for a certain unit, or to protect another one. Also, you will happen to rescue the innocent civilians from the hands of cruel creatures, or mercenaries.


Back Into the Fray - allows you to heal up to 100% hp. Can be used outside of combat.

Tactical Retreat - allows you to take you and the team into safety.

Combat Supply Drop - allows you to drop a weapon crate for you and your team. This weapon allows you to use skills like, e.g. stunning, etc.


This path should be assumed by the ones that enjoy collecting resources, which can be later used to build structures that help the others. Thanks to this, you will be receiving quests where you will have to help someone erect a building, by finding materials and also, you will be building machines yourself, which provide temporary buffs, as well as stores or mailboxes. All of this, of course, in the specified locations.


Settler's Campfire - Allows you to kindle a campfire, which reinforces the healing effect and buffs maximum healthpoints, for the duration of an hour.

Summon: Vendbot - Allows you to create a shop, for sixty seconds, which buys all goods from you.

Summon: Mailbox - Allows you to create a mailbox, which works just like any other.

Summon: Crafting station - Allows you to create a crafting station, where you can craft new items, without returning to the city. Works just like any other.


This should be taken by the ones that like to take time to examine interesting phenomena. To perform a research, you usually are going to need your Scanbot. Usually, you summon in and then click on the selected items to use its "Scan" function, to have it examine the phenomenon. The quests specify what you should examine.

You can receive a quest to find and examine a certain plant, or animal. Apart from that, you will be examining artifacts, which you discover, as an archeologist, also. This means that you will also deal with various substances, in order to learn their make-up.


Holographic Distraction- Allows you to create a clone that distracts the enemies.

Summon: Group - Allows you to call the group to yourself.

Create Portal: Capitol City - Allows you to open the portal to the capital city.


This path should be selected by the ones that like exploring the entire maps and roam about the forgotten ruins and caves. In one of the missions, you will be climbing huge trees and fall into a cave, inhabited by dangerous animals, in the other. You can receive quests to find an artifact, which has been hidden god-knows-where, long time ago, or you can assume the role of a cartographer and draw maps for your faction. The Explorer sometimes acts as a spy, disassembles cameras, or hunts down game and people.


Explorer's Safe Fall - Damage received, as a result of a fall from height is decreased, temporarily.

Air Brakes - Stops you in mid-air and allows you to enjoy the view and take another jump.

Translocate beacon - allows you to save the current position and, after the skill is used again, it teleports you to that position. Unavailable during PvP.

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