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Weird West Guide

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Weird West: Best abilities Weird West - guide, tips

From this page of the Werid West guide, you will learn the best skills for all character classes and individual weapon types.

Last update: Wednesday, April 27, 2022

This page of the Weird West guide lists all the abilities we consider the best. We focus on abilities assigned to character classes and specific weapon types.

Weird West features class abilities available only to a single class and universal abilities related to weapon types. Unlike perks, abilities don't transfer over to other characters and have to be unlocked again.

1 - Weird West: Best abilities - Basics - Weird West Guide


  1. High Noon (Revolvers): this ability lets you shoot up to 6 times, once at every nearby target. It's incredibly useful when fighting bigger groups, as it lets you quickly weaken several targets at once.
  2. Rapid Reload (Shotguns): shotguns deal massive damage but can't hold many rounds and reloading them takes a long time. This ability lets you fire away for 5 seconds without needing to worry about reloading.
  3. Sentry Silencer (Rifles): rifles work great when eliminating targets from a long distance. This ability lets you fire a silent shot which deals 200% more damage to unaware targets.
  4. Ambush Arrow (Bows): this ability lets you fire a stunning arrow. You can use it to neutralize the most dangerous target for a short while, sneak past the stunned enemy or take them out quietly and hide the body.
  5. Adrenaline (Melee): this ability increases your attack speed by 50% for 10 seconds.


  1. Bounty Hunter: we recommend the Shrapnel Mine and Charm abilities. The first one lets you set up explosive traps, the second one charms enemies and makes them fight on your side for a short while.
  2. Pigman: we recommend the Rubber Skin and Shockwave abilities. The first one causes bullets to ricochet off you, protecting you from damage. The second one deals AoE damage and stuns your targets.
  3. Protector: we recommend the Western Wind and Cousin Bear abilities. The first one summons a controllable tornado. Cousin Bear summons a bear which aids you in combat.
  4. Werewolf: for this class we recommend Yeb's Fire - it engulfs you in flames and burns all nearby targets for 8 seconds.
  5. Oneirist: we recommend two skills, Spirit Ward and Shift. The first one protects you, absorbs damage and converts it into healing. The second one lets you teleport and stuns the nearby targets once you materialize.
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