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Weedcraft Inc Guide by

Weedcraft Inc Guide

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Police in Weedcraft Inc Weedcraft Inc Guide and Tips

The police are an important part of Weedcraft Inc. The oversee cities and closely follows your actions. Depending on whether you are running a legal business or follow the path of crime, you will have to pay attention to them in a different way. The following part contains related information.

The police have a strictly defined structure. The whole city is overseen by the Police Chief. He has subordinate officers who control all activities in specific buildings. If you do something suspicious in them, they will become interested in your activities. You can see the entire hierarchy by clicking on the police station.

You can establish relationships with officers - Police in Weedcraft Inc - The Basics - Weedcraft Inc Guide

You can establish relationships with officers. Improving your relationship with a police officer increases your chances of getting a favor. This is important because if you are caught, you will be able to avoid consequences. The police's interest in particular places is indicated by a vigilance indicator. It is divided into two segments:

  • Base [1] - calculated on the basis of the rooms and equipment. When you place objects by the crops, you may notice a symbol indicating how their placement will affect this base vigilance.
  • Temporary [2] - generated based on suspicious activity in the area. It changes dynamically over time. It dies down spontaneously, but you can speed it up with a front.
The greater the vigilance, the greater the risk of police intervention - Police in Weedcraft Inc - The Basics - Weedcraft Inc Guide

The greater the vigilance, the greater the risk of police intervention. Therefore, take care to reduce them both regularly - especially at the point of sale. Otherwise, you may get in trouble. If the police come to arrest you or bring one of your employees, you can always take advantage of a friendly favor. The police are willing to accept bribes, so it is safest to aim at this option. Sometimes you'll also get a message from an employee telling you about the incoming police. You can decide on your own responsibility whether to dispose of the evidence or ignore the announcement and risk detection. If you have invested in the Veterans' Collection add-on, you have a third option that will enable you to ignore the message without consequences. However, this option is not always available

You can always check the officers interest in your buildings. - Police in Weedcraft Inc - The Basics - Weedcraft Inc Guide
You can always check the officer's interest in your buildings.

You can also use favors to get rid of officers who are too interested in your activities. To do this, you must ask the Police Chief for a favor. If he agrees, the appointed police officer will be replaced by a new one.

Of course, you can also do legitimate business. This requires the purchase of a license. Each of your buildings will need to have a separate license. In the case of a larger "company" this becomes a considerable expense. Additionally, you will have to pay a distribution tax, which is a certain percentage of your sales. Of course, you can always buy it only for a few buildings and run a semi-legal business.

A license will make the police stop taking interest in a particular place. You won't have to worry about being arrested. In addition, it will bring in new customers who belong to groups of buyers who only buy in licensed points such as cancer patients or epileptics. It's profitable because they are able to spend a lot of cash.

However, if you decide that you are not happy with legal activity, you can always change the mode of the building. There you will be able to reset your illegal activities. This will restore the vigilance indicator in the building.

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