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Watch Dogs Legion Guide

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Watch Dogs Legion: Character development Watch Dogs Legion Guide, Walkthrough

Last update: Friday, October 30, 2020

On this Watch Dogs Legion guide page, you will learn how to best develop your characters, and what should you invest your Tech Points in.

How to develop a character?

We develop the characters using Tech, which is located in the game menu - Watch Dogs Legion: Character development - Team - Watch Dogs Legion Guide

We develop the characters using Tech, which is located in the game menu. You'll find four different trees that you can upgrade to unlock new features. These are Gadgets, Weapons, Upgrades and Hacking.

You unlock each of them with Tech Points found everywhere in the city. By purchasing an upgrade, you can increase its power twice. For example, when you buy Spiderbot for the first time, you can purchase it two more times to improve its capabilities.

In this case, you will unlock the double jump and sprint. The third level adds the ability to manually activate camouflage. However, it is worth remembering that the subsequent improvements cost more Tech Points.

Abilities worth getting

Watch Dogs Legion has a lot of cool gadgets and weapons - Watch Dogs Legion: Character development - Team - Watch Dogs Legion Guide

Watch Dogs Legion has a lot of cool gadgets and weapons. Unfortunately, some of them aren't that practical – you will use them only a few times. However, the others are good enough that the player could buy them and complete the game without much trouble.

  1. Gadgets – SpiderbotsThe player can unlock 6 different gadgets. Despite the fact that each of them is useful, you should focus on investing your Tech Points in one of the Spiderbots. One of them is a basic Infiltrator spiderbot, the other is a Combat spiderbot. The first is much better suited for infiltration and reconnaissance, while the other will support you in fights. It is worth to unlock them – some places can only be accessed by a Spiderbot. These places usually have collectibles or Tech Points.
  2. Weapons – Silenced pistols – Most of your agents will have weapons unique to them. Nevertheless, it is worth investing in any weapon that has a silencer. 68P is pretty good if you want to neutralize targets as quickly as possible. It's a non-lethal weapon, so don't worry about killing someone with it. It works well a short-range, but it's not as good from further away.
  3. Upgrades – Deep profilerDeep profiler is one of the major upgrades in Watch Dogs Legion. This upgrade allows you to recruit people who have a negative opinion of DedSec. With the Deep profiler, you will be able to unlock a person's schedule and contact information. This will allow you to improve the person's opinion of DedSec.
  4. Upgrades – Skin meshSkin mesh is another improvement worth investing in. This upgrade reduces damage received by all DedSec agents. This simple passive skill will help all your agents to survive even after taking a few extra damage.
  5. Hacking – Drone and Turret BetrayGetting this skill should be your priority. Betray is unlocked at the third level of the upgrade. It allows you to hack a particular turret or drone to make it fight on your side. This is a very useful skill, especially at the later stages of the game. Opponents, instead of taking care of you, will start to fight with themselves. Not only you have a lot of support from the hacked device, but also have the opportunity to do something else. You should focus on improving this ability.
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