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Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Common | Character development Wasteland 2 Guide

Tormentor - It provides you with a bonus against opponents that hide behind covers. It is tempting, but only in situations, in which you fight against people, gunners and on an uneven terrain. Animals and machines do not use covers and people often end their rounds away from walls and crates. This means that in many situations, this one becomes useless. At least in the former half of the game because in the latter half, especially towards the end, you encounter many opponents that use covers. It is a good idea to buy this perk, especially for a good sniper. Or fast party members that specializes in attacking from the side or from the back.

Hoarder - The maximum load that you can carry without becoming overburdened goes up by 20%. It is a good idea to assign, one of the characters, with high strength. Their task will then be carrying heavy items and excess of ammo and first-aid kits. Later into the game, you can try and buy this perk for one more character. For a good party, many fights and quests prove to be a piece of cake, which will allow you to save up on ammo and first-aid kits and obtain more loot. As a result, It is going to be easy to load up your backpacks. If you have to throw away items too often, invest your points into this perk. If you have excess room, you can ignore it.

Limber - The cost of crouching and getting up drops by 1 AP. This is a burdensome perk,. If you know how to position your men before the battle, lower cost of getting up and crouching profits you little. Additionally, this won't be too useful to characters that fight in melee that are in constant movement. On the other hand, not always you are capable of good positioning before the battle and you will often have to relocate. The action point that you save would be then used elsewhere. You can take it, if there ids nothing better available, but there will be few situation in which you will be able to use it.

Hit and deck! - It decreases damage taken from explosives by 25%. It is a useful perk, if you cannot scatter your party and you have already reached a moment, at which opponents often use explosives. However, you are not going to use it throughout majority of Arizona and it can later be put to few uses. It may be ignored.

Powder packer - 10% more chance of finding ammo while looting. An excellent perk, especially if it is picked by more than one character. Especially useful for a party that uses firearms often, where several characters use the same type of ammo. A handful of bullets more, per crate, may seem a small bonus,, but this makes savings - or earnings, if you sell excess ammo - and at least one additional shot to take. It is a good idea to take this perk for, at least, one character. The faster the better. It also works in situations, in which there are no interesting perks to choose from.

Healthy - +1 CON pear each level of the character is a tempting thing, but only on several conditions. Firstly, your character needs to have a good armor or else they lose the additional points after one, or two, attacks. Secondly, the character level needs to be high, or else the bonus will be too negligible. If you do not meet both of the conditions, it is still a good idea to take this perk. At least for the sake of the fact that a dozen-or0-so of additional CON points may determine whether after a turn of intensive fighting, the character is still standing or not. Buy this one if there is nothing better available, or if you want to buy a perk and you cannot decide.

Weathered - Just like in the case of Hit and deck!, only for the sake of critical damage that are dealt more often by opponents with explosives. It is a good idea to take it for melee characters, or for the ones that play the role of a tank and take on all the damage. Thanks to this, they will be able to withstand a little bit more. The remaining ones can ignore this one.

Hardened - +1 to armor is an attention-worthy perk for tanks. Of course, the character will then be wearing the heaviest available armor, but it is always a good idea to toughen them up a little decrease damage taken by them. The rest of the characters may also do with this perk, but only in situations, in which they find themselves under constant enemy fire. The ones that are not attacked that often may ignore it.

Turtle - It improves on the value of dodges, while using covers. It is also a good one for characters that use short-range firearms in combat and therefore, exposed to constant enemy fire. It is also useful for characters that fight in melee, who want to get closer to the opponents and need to dash between covers. The others may ignore it.

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