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Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Smaller locations - California | Griffith - quests Wasteland 2 Guide


Here, you find an old farmer lady whose cows are being stolen by Matthias' robots. If you destroy them, she gives you a book +1 Smart Ass. At the corpse, you find a modified assault rifle - "Sweetness". The local barterer offers quite a lot of good weapons and ammo.

To rescue cows, go to the Western part of the map. You notice the animals and two columns of cyborgs. They remain neutral, for as long as you stay away, so keep your distance. If cows reach the Northern part of the map, you fail at saving them and, as a result, you do not get the book. Therefore, approach the cyborgs, position your men and take a shot at the thieves. The fight should be short, because the enemy packs a large firepower, but has little CON. If you succeed, you see a short cutscene of the return of the cows to their pen. After you reach the column of the stolen cows, you will have very little time to save them, so save the game after you enter this location, just in case.

Fletcher's hideout

Gene Crocka from Angel Oracle will tell you where Fletcher is being held. You can bring him back here, but first you'll have to get rid of robots.

Los Angeles Aqueducts

Here you'll find Tori/Mr Manners. This location is available only if you agree to kill the opponent and bring his head to the Angel Oracle leader. You can also find a toaster that you can bring to the cook. If you do, Manners will give you cat litter. While exploring the area, watch out for mines, because they are score of them here. There are no other threats in this location.

Culver City Brothel

Zoe and Doe ask you to save their girls in the building attacked by God's Militia. After you kill them, you can get a lot of good equipment. There also is a statue here - +1 skill point for the entire party. Unfortunately, you won't get any reward from the sisters.

It is easiest to use stupidity of the opponents here. After you enter, stand behind the wall on the left. Come out with one of the characters and fire at the nearest policeman. The enemy starts running towards you, collect a group of others and become, this way, an easy target for grenades, shotguns and heavy weapons.

Brentwood Dentist

Bill, the dentist, will give you denture paste for Mr Paladino from Angel Oracle for painkillers. If you don't have them, take the paste from a crate behind the building. Bill owns cows and tries to get rid of them. You can convince Mr Manners to give up cannibalism - you have to talk to Bill about buying the cows, but first take a sample for Manners. You'll also find a trader here. Apart from three robots, there are no threats here.

Long Beach

Here, you find an old barterer. You can bring him a Sanford & Sons VHS from Los Alamitos. At the wall, there is a toaster with a dog whistle, which you need to take to Los Alamitos and exchange with the only person there.

In the area, there is a group of Children of the Citadel. It is a big and well-armed one, but they will still ask you for your help at eliminating Dugan's robots. You can agree to do that, or tell them that you are rangers straight away. In such a situation, you will be immediately attacked and most probably, killed out. Accept the quest and be on your way.

Robots are occupying an enclosed area. There are six of them, including one shooter and one meson cannon. Still, with the help of rockets and grenades, you should be able to deal with them easily. Right next to the cannon, there is a cache with door that cannot be pierced, so use similar tactic as in Salt Lake Park, if you want to get in. It is worth the effort, because inside, there are quite a lot of munitions and medicine. Right past the cannon's position, you find cat litter.

Children of the Citadel thank you for your help. If you want to, you can attack them for experience and a handful of items for sale. Position your men close to the group, preferably where robots are stationed, or behind the nearby wall. Have all of them hold their weapons ready to fire. Select the sapper, give him the best rocket you have, fire it towards the Children of the Citadel and run away immediately. As soon as the fight starts, shoot out all of the enemies running towards you. Use the best weapon that you have and do not be stingy on rockets, because the enemy is a tough one. Thanks to appropriate deployment of your men, and the dumbness of the opponent, you should be able to deal with all of them, while keeping your losses low. Your loot will be randomly generated, but with a bit of luck you get a good weapon. Apart from that, the Children are a good source of experience.

Playa del Rey

The destroyed ship that Manerites - Civility Enforcers, conduct their investigation on. Even if you are their favorite and you helped Angelorium, their disposition towards you does not change, since they caught you red-handed, You can fight them and you can, just as well, avoid confrontation, if you examine the car in the center of the location and explain them that it is synths that are responsible for the massacre. If necessary, use Hard Ass at level 8. After you have convinced Mannerites, you cannot loot the bodies, or you will be attacked by them. If, afterwards, you feel like fighting, you can attack patrol with impunity.

In this location, you also find a bag of cat litter, whose collecting does not provoke the Mannerites to attack. Also, you find a toaster with gloves that you can take to the goat herder in Angelorium, in exchange for milk. Also, you can find a GPS transmitter here, which points you to the location of the Mysterious Shrine, after you fix it. The repair requires level 7 Computer Science, and then either level 9+ Mechanical Repair, or the Screen from Darwin village.

Baldwin Hills

The village is attacked by Children of the Citadel. The opponent will be oblivious to your presence, therefore you should take care of your barricades, heal your people and attack first, preferably using grenades. The opponent is quite tough and additionally has grenades, but with proper positioning of your men, you should be fine.

After you eliminate the opponents, talk to residents and convince them that your intentions are good, and they will side with you, after Civility Enforcers arrive. You do not need any skill. You simply need to point out that the attackers were not humans, per se. After the conversation with Enforcers, you receive a book +1 Hard Ass. You'll find a doctor and a trader here, and a toaster with 761 bus schedule. At the end of the city, you find a safe with cat litter.

Loc Alamitos

A small location with one, wounded, resident - Dekkar Firehawk - you can heal him with Surgeon. The gives you a quest of finding two dogs and bringing them to him, for which you will be rewarded with $200. He also takes the dog whistle of Long Beach, from you, in exchange for 50 hard-boiled eggs. You also find cat litter here behind the cloud of radiation. Unfortunately, the location is swarming with robots - they do not attack until you start searching heaps of scrap metal - instead of fighting with them, you can use a high level of Computer science - Hack into every robot and collect scrap without fighting. Next to the collapsed silo, you encounter Rektor, who will follow you and help you in combat. On the heap of scrap, there is a toaster with the VHS tape Sanfor & Sons, which you can deliver to the barterer in Long Beach.


You learn about the location thanks to the radio message, in which someone calls for help. All in all, it will turn out that it is a trap set by synths. Watch out, because there are exceptionally many of them, there.

Santa Monica

You'll enter during the execution of one of the townsmen by God's Militia. You can offer them to take care of the infidel or attack the Militia before they perform the execution. Here you can find a Seashell necklace and a bag of zeolite.

La Cienega

Similar to Santa Monica - God's Militia performs an execution. Stop them and take a bag of zeolite. In the northern part you'll find a toaster with A. D. Wealthy Battlemonster Bomber bass guitar and a crate with a unique shotgun - Jackhammer.

Salt Lake Park

The farm has been attacked by an exceptionally large group of honey badgers. If you deal with them and take hide as your proof, you will not have to pay the deposit to see the goods, and from old Alex, you receive a discount. Also, you find here a bag of cat litter. While leaving the location, you encounter robots and a meson cannon on tracks. In spite of all expectation, the latter is not as dangerous. The weapon first needs to lock on the target, spend several turns on loading, and it can, only then, fire. It is long enough for you to eliminate the remaining four machines. . There is a possibility that the tank still manages to shoot at you, but after you scatter your party, one character at most will take damage. .

The cannon also is the only weapon around. That can be used to destroy the door of the building by the location exit. This is the same building, where you find five crates with valuable contents (weapons, ammo, armor, first-aid kit). To use the cannon, stop your party somewhere outside of the cannon's range and save the game. Pick the toughest character in the party, give them the best armor and run towards the building, in order to get as close to the cannon as possible, In the first turn of the battle, this character needs to be targeted by the cannon. Eliminate the rest of the machines quickly, by aiming at their main bodies and destroying armors. Try to stay close to the door, as the soldier that you have picked. After several turns, the cannon fires. If the soldier stood right in front of the door, it will be destroyed. After that happens, you only need to finish off the remaining machines. While it is being loaded, you can attack it with impunity , because it picks a new target only after it shoots. It is best to deprive the cannon of the majority of its CON, wait for it to fire and, at the same dime, destroy the door. Then, finish it off in the next turn. With an appropriately armed soldier and with speed of action, your party should end the fight without sustaining major damage.


You learn about this location via the radio, but only if you are passing by it. At the entrance, you encounter a barterer that informs you of a synth. Go to the end of the location, where it turns out that the synth is a Scorpitron. It a has machine gun, a flamethrower and can summon a group of mini scorpitrons. A poorly-equipped party may have problems with its 4000 CON, but there only is one target and it's big, sluggish and easy to hit. Equip the heaviest weapon that you have and explosives. Divide your party so that each and every one finds a good cover for himself and focus your fire on the opponent. Aim at the main body in order to destroy the armor and the CPU, which makes the machine start making mistakes. You can ignore the smaller robots because Scorpitron destroys them with its flamethrower, if they are standing close enough. Apart from that, their attacks are weak.

After the fight, you can barter wit the quest giver. The barter offers quite nice armors, good medicine and quite a lot of ammo. Also, remember to loot the nearby chests and caches. Also, talk to the merchant's wife and she will mark a Mysterious shrine for you.


This location becomes available after you press the mysterious red button in the sewers of Hollywood. There, you find Aaron Chwatt and another computer with a red button. Pressing it results in Aaron's escape and that's it. The entire Easter Egg is a tribute paid to actor Aaron Chwatt, who is also known as Red Buttons.

Redondo Beach

You learn about the location of the beach while in the sewers of Hollywood. When you are there, go to the location marked as The Wall. There, you see two guys. Approach carefully, up until the moment, at which they start talking to each other. When they tell you that they want to open a crate, stand back. Stand in the way that allows you to see the crates. The guys approach them and start talking. One of the men, brings up the name of Bob during the conversation. AS soon as this happens, an appropriate location appears on the map.

Once there, you will find Bob and about 123 spots that you can dig up. You can talk to Bob and promise to help him find the heritage of his family, or convince him to return home, using Kick Ass 10. You still receive experience, but you get less than if you promised him to help him.

In the Eastern part of the location, right next to the spots that need digging up, you find three car wrecks. Take interest in the South-most one, opposite Bob. If you are not sure which one it is, access the map of the location and roll your mouse over Bob's position, and then move it right, up until you see the car wreck. You should be able to find Bob's statue in the cache, right next to the car, so you do not need to dig for too long. Still, you may want to do that, because for digging up all of the spots, which takes around 20minutes, you receive an achievement. In return for the statuette, you receive quite a lot of experience, Death Ray - an energy weapon and 50 cells. By the ruined buildings in the South-Eastern part of the location, you also find a map that tells you the whereabouts of a mysterious shrine, as well as the password.

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