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Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Authority Over The Church | Griffith - quests Wasteland 2 Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In the Bastion you can speak with Maggie who will tell a lot of interesting things about the leaders of the Church. Apparently the paladin named White has a drinking problem and a wife of Malediction Mayweather lost her previous husband in suspicious circumstances. When you will enter the Observatory for the first time the paladin His Holiness White will speak with you. He will ask you to give him all the drugs and alcohol in your possession since they are forbidden in the Bastion. For now you can just ignore him and he will go outside of the building.

If you have helped Veronica in Hollywood the best decision now would be to help Ascension. Speak with him now if you didn't join to the Vigilant Church yet. He wants you to find for him an evidence of corruption of Malediction Mayweather. In return he will allow you to use the local radio.

Go to the Malediction's chambers and talk with his wife Fidelity. Unfortunately she won't help you. You can use Kiss Ass on her (at least 8) to gain additional experience. Use the stairs right to the building's main entrance to get to the observatory.

On the roof you will find the storage with alcohol - Authority Over The Church | Griffith - quests - Griffith - quests - Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

On the roof you will find the storage with alcohol. Take with you vodka and return to Bastion where you can speak with His Highness. He will be mad at you since you are wasting his time however he will instantly cool down once you will give him one of your own bottles of vodka. Using his good mood you can ask him few questions about Malediction's wife. He will tell you that he killed the previous Fidelity's husband and that he keeps his victim's eye in a cabinet. Go to the place which you can see on the screenshot above and use your Lockpicking skill to gain Simms' eye. This way no one will notice nor attack you. Take the eye to Fidelity. She will give you evidence against her husband. Take them to McDade. You will be a witness of Ascension killing Malediction. From the body of the church's ex-leader you can take the gate which will let you go to the radio. Speak with McDade and go to the transmitter. The guard will not make any problems. You can use the key and go upstairs where you can install repeater unit and take three bags with zeolite from the ground and to from the safe (you need five bags to upgrade your suits). Now you can return to Veronica in Hollywood.

Alternate endings:

  • Bring evidences to Vengeance. The result will pretty much similar. Jones will let you to go to the transmitter and he will kill the Malediction. Take from Malediction's body his key and go to the radio. After that Vengeance will attack Hollywood.
  • Malediction wants you to kill both Jones and McDade and to make it look as if they killed each other. He will give you Glasses of the Ecstatic Church Knight which you need to put on Jones' table (once you will do that Retribution and his people will attack you) and the Combatant's Armor which you have to put on the Ascension's table (he will also attack you when you will do that). Return to Mayweather. He will betray you and you will be attacked by the entire church. You have to now fight to get to the radio. It is the best way if you have told Heidi in Hollywood about Veronicas lover and she ordered you to conquer the Bastion.

Related to quests:

  • Help Retribution Jones find evidence against Malediction Mayweather;
  • Kill Jones and McDade for Malediciton, and make it look like the other one did it;
  • Help Ascension McDade find evidence against Malediction Mayweather.
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