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Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Miscellaneous | Hollywood - quests Wasteland 2 Guide

Join The Children of the Citadel and achieve transcendence

In the north part of Hollywood you will find Matthias or at least his TV in which you can find him. He will offer you to join his Children of the Citadel. If you will agree you need to prove that you don't lie. It will require you to complete few uncomplicated quests. If you want to achieve transcendence you need to kill leaders of Rodia (Dengler and the mayor), then Angel Oracle (Mr. Manners and Tori Robbinson), then Hollywood (Heidi and Veronica), and then Bastion (Malediction, Retribution and Ascension). You also have to kill every guard from all of these locations. Then you can go to Seal Beach and join the Children.

Alternate endings:

  • If during any part of this quest you will show any doubt in Matthias or his transcendence he will refuse to let you join his Children and the quest will end.

Ma Brown says her restaurant, the Brown Crown, was closed unfairly

It's a pretty short quest. Speak to officer Lam. Persuade him to let Ma Brown to reopen her restaurant by using the Smart Ass skill on level 8 and paying him 100 scraps. Ma Brown will reward you with 15 bullets 9mm.

Help George and Martha rid their new store of pests

The pest is a little puppy in their shop. You can spook him away if you have the Hard Ass skill on level 8 or let him follow your team. Later on in the town you will be talked down by a random citizen who can take the dog with him (if you have a Kiss Ass skill on level 7) or you can decide that you will keep him with your team. You find the passer-by a bit to the left of the store entrance. You can tell him by the fact that unlike in the case of the rest of people in the street, you can talk to him.

Kill dangerous beasts in Hollywood Cemetery

It's a quest from Johnny Malloney who you can meet on the cemetery. Nearby you can defeat few mutated wolfs and frogs. You will be rewarded with 20 shotgun bullets.

Find Josie, one of Raji's runaways

Josie is in a Hollywood Sewers. To get there you have to use your strength to walk through the Hotel California or use the hidden passage in Heidi's bedroom in Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The girl is very sick and if you want to save her you need a very high level of the Surgeon skill (you have 62% chance of success on level 10). After you will succeed she will follow your team. Escort her to Raji on the cemetery and you will receive a book which gives you +1 to the Lockpicking skill.

Get back Manny's stolen chips

You will unlock this quest by speaking with Manny Wong in casino in Hollywood. Chips are possessed by Chris in the inn in Los Feliz. You can get them in one of few ways:

  • Don't ask him about chips but ask him about everything else. He will offer you chips and ask you to leave him alone;
  • Hard Ass 8;
  • Intimidate him - you will fail and Chris with the entire inn will attack you. You can take chips from his body;

Opening one of the lockers at the back of the inn, where you also find caps. Unlike the ones that Chris gives you, these are the real ones.

Return to Manny with the caps. If you bring him the counterfeit ones, he gets angry and demands that you bring him the actual ones.

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