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Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Save a condemned man - or not | Angel Oracle - quests Wasteland 2 Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Right after you will enter Angel Oracle you will hear an announcement about the execution of a man named Fletcher who did not clean up around his bed. Fletcher is in the center of this location. You can go to him and speak to him. He will suggest you to speak with Mr. Manners for him. After that you will meet sheriff Marshall close to the main gate leading to the stadium and he will tell you that Fletcher has escaped from the prison. Manners promised his men that someone will be executed and he will fulfill this promise by any cost. That's why one member of your team will be arrested and locked in the cage. You have to bring Fletcher back to save your character (or, if you prefer, you can refuse and initiate an open war with Mannerities).

Traces close to the Fletchers cage - Save a condemned man - or not | Angel Oracle - quests - Angel Oracle - quests - Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough
Traces close to the Fletcher's cage

If you want you can speak to the guard of Fletcher's cage although he will not be much of a help unless you have your Hard Ass skill on level 10. You should go to the back of the cage where you will find traces. Follow them until you will meet Roger Yee. He will tell you about Nick Chauvin and Gen Cronk - Robbinsons, who probably are responsible for Fletcher's escape. You can also speak to Elizavet nearby who is fugitive's wife. The skill Kiss Ass on level 7 will provide you the information according to Tori ordered her to seduce Mr. Manners since she wants to rule over the city. If you will ask Tora about Elizaveta later she will confirm this information. Now you can visit Cronk. He is on the wooden platform over Fletcher's cage. With Smart Ass 7 you can tell him about the testimony of Yee and Elizaveta which will make him confess and he will also point you the place where you can find Fletcher.

Robots attacking Fletcher - Save a condemned man - or not | Angel Oracle - quests - Angel Oracle - quests - Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough
Robots attacking Fletcher

Fletcher will be in the building in the center of this area. He is surrounded by robots who try to attack him (and they will kill him if you will wait too long with your actions). Additionally this building contains a lot of land mines. During a fight you can use this fact for your advantage if you will trick robots to walk into mines. There are only four machines and two of them have machine guns, therefore the fight should be short and not too difficult. After the fight speak to Fletcher and tell him, that one of you was imprisoned and will be killed unless he will return with you. After that Fletcher will decide to join to you.

Container which you can blow up - Save a condemned man - or not | Angel Oracle - quests - Angel Oracle - quests - Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough
Container which you can blow up

By the way to the north of the area, you can find the locked container with a hidden storage (which you can see after you will use highlight). Blow up the container to possess it's content, inter alia a unique blunt weapon named Truth which has 10% chance to cause Concussion and gives you +1 Hard Ass bonus. After this you can return to Angel Oracle.

Fletchers execution - Save a condemned man - or not | Angel Oracle - quests - Angel Oracle - quests - Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough
Fletcher's execution

When you will return to the stadium you will witness Fletcher's execution. You can decide what will you do next:

  • observe and don't interfere - Tori Robbinson will take over this place and Manners will run away from stadium;
  • interrupt the execution and tell Manners about Tori's conspiracy. Tori will run away from stadium;

Interrupt the execution and convince Manners to change his customs (10 Smart Ass) or to chase Fletcher away (10 Kick Ass). All of the involved survive and Manners does not learn about Tori's plot.

After the execution the leader of the stadium may order you to find Manners or Tori with his or her followers in the aqueduct Los Angeles and to bring back his or her head. Once you will get there you can kill everyone or let them go, what will make a leader in Angel Oracle furious and you will be banished from this place (and if you will be annoying to him or her you will be attacked by everyone here). In this location you can also find a toaster in which you can find a toaster heater. You can deliver the heater to Manners in Angel Oracle what will persuade him to give you his two bags of cat litter (and if this place is ruled by Tori you can just take them. She doesn't care).

It's worth mentioning that after you will complete this quest the Mannerites' warehouse in the stadium. You can find few safes there.

Alternate endings:

  • When you will get the information about Tori's conspiracy from Elizaveta you can tell Mr. Manners in his office about it. It will immediately finish your quest. You will not have to look for Fletcher and your imprisoned team member will be released;
  • If you will not save Fletcher the execution scene will be focused on your imprisoned team member.

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