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Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Unique Items | Griffith - quests Wasteland 2 Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

An example of a unique item - Unique Items | Griffith - quests - Griffith - quests - Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough
An example of a unique item

During your travels in the game world, you can come across different unique items which you can give to someone to receive a reward. Sometimes you will find them in toasters and sometimes you'll see them lying on the ground. Lots of items you can give to Flintlock (usually you'll get money or experience to choose from) or captain Mercaptain (additional item to take from her stock) in the Guardians' Stronghold; some items can be given to people scattered all around the wastelands. Flintlock is interested mostly in historical items, and Mercaptain wants to get pieces of technology. The game doesn't tell you directly what needs to be given to whom, but you can reasonably add two and two together. For example, doctor Baum in the Temple of Titan keeps saying that he's looking for his glasses so you can give him the contact lenses, and captain Sadler of Rattlesnake Militia has hemorrhoids, and you can find that out by talking to him properly, so he can definitely make use of a cream. Basically, it's always worth keeping all the items with a white name, because you never know when something might be useful. If there's an item in your inventory that you can give to someone, a proper keyword will appear during the conversation.


  • 7" Single - a toaster in the Ag Center (only in the undestroyed one), in the corridor leading to the antenna. You can give it to Werewolf Wally in the radio station in Damonta. In return you can get $150 or a Turntable, that you can further give to Mercaptain;
  • Aethelwolf's Utopia - on the ground by the cars leading to the damaged radio tower in the Rail Nomads Camp. Mercaptain;
  • Bushnell Ocelot - a remote console in the Tinker safe in Damonta; Mercaptain
  • Contact lenses - a toaster in Jess-Belle house in Highpool. You can give it to doctor Baum in the hospital in the Temple of Titan; in return you'll get a book with +1 to field medic;
  • Depleted uranium - a toaster by the Titan in the temple's underground. Mercaptain;
  • Do Androids dream of electric sheep? - a book in a car not far from the arcade place. Mercaptain;
  • Doggie Bones - a toaster in the restaurant of Binh's parents in Damonta. You can give it to Drhku who guards Danforth's dogs in the Prison (you can get to the Prison peacefully). You'll get a book with +1 to Animal Enchanter;
  • Double Six report - a newspaper in Sierra Madre airplane in Silo 7. Flintlock;
  • Fertilizer Sprayer - a toaster in the abandoned house on the corner of the Atchison Camp. You can give it to Honeydew Louis on the western fields of Agrocenter in exchange for unique melons that boost your statistics temporarily;
  • Harry the Bunny Master's Axe - a tomb on the western fields of Agrocenter. Flintlock;
  • Painting - in the water company in Damonta. Flintlock;
  • Preparation G - a toaster by the Prison. You can give it to captain Sadler in the Canyon of Titan in exchange for a unique sniper rifle, but first you need to find out that he has hemorrhoids thanks to the trait Smartass;
  • Airmall Catalog - a toaster in Sierra Madre airplane in front of Silo 7. Flintlock;
  • Wasteland - a floppy disk with a game that you can find in a computer in Darwin. Flintlock - a unique prize, a trinket of a fan of Wasteland that gives you +1 to luck and perception;
  • Spray Paint - a toaster in a cave in a Radio Tower. Give it to the guardian Khass Tet in the northern part in front of the Guardians Stronghold in exchange for a book that gives you +1 to Brawling;
  • Ace's Ranger Star - you can find it in the entrance to the Radio Tower. Flintlock;
  • CD-i console - you can buy it from a merchant in Topekan village in the Rail Nomads Camp (Quarx from the Campi s also looking for it). Mercaptain;
  • Miniature leg lamp - a toaster in the underground sewer in Highpool, you need to save the village to get it; Flintlock - as a reward you'll get Red Rayder's air gun with ammo (200 pieces) (100% chance to knock out the eye);
  • Dessicated Juniper Berries - a toaster in the Happy Valley, by the rocks, right to the entrance to the Prison. You can give it to Ben in Gorinkovich's Distillery to get $125 and 3 pieces of Special Lizard Juice (+2 to luck, -1 to Coordination, 200 seconds);
  • Faded Photograph - you can find it in a toaster by Rick's RV. You can give it to Deputy Mona Shera in the Angel Oracle (California) in exchange for the energy weapon (non-unique);
  • Pocket Knife - in a toaster in the Canyon of Titan. You can exchange it for a unique bladed weapon at Rambeau's in Hollywood;
  • Medal of Honor - on a graveyard, in a tomb of "Oracle", on the right side in the back (you can read the names on the tombstones). On the reverse there is a password for opening the safe located by the entrance, right next to the isolation room with the imprisoned Jan in Darwin;
  • Sarah's Locket - you will get it from Sarah that was injured in the explosion of the monk (Canyon of Titan). She will ask you to take the locket to Damonta and give it to David Barns - you will find out that he is dead but you can still put a locket around his neck;
  • Display Screen - in the junk in Darwin's undergrounds. You can use it on a ship in Playa del Rey in California to repair the broken panel of the GPS transmitter;
  • Binh's Basket - in Damonta, if you fail to rescue Binh, you will be able to take the basket from the floor and give it to her father;
  • Turntable - you can get it from a Werewolf in Damonta if you bring him the 7" Single from a toaster in the Agrocenter. Mercaptain;


  • Babi Ruth - you can find it in a toaster in the Angel Oracle (3 pieces). Give it to O'Biggun in exchange for a book +1 to Brute;
  • Sanford and Sons VHS - you can find it in Los Alamitos, California; you can give it to Samuel (merchants) not further away in Long Beach. In exchange you will get a book +1 to Gunsmith;
  • Baby Wipes - you can find it in a toaster in Angel Oracle. You can give it to Portapotty guy by the toilet in Seal Beach in exchange for $500;
  • D. Wealthy Battlemonster Bomber (guitar) - you can find it in a toaster in a smaller location called La Cienega; Raji will take it from you in Hollywood in exchange for a unique gadget;
  • Dog Whistle - you can find it in a toaster in Long Beach. You can exchange it for 50 Hard Boiled Eggs from Dekkar Firehawk in Los Alamitos;
  • Gloves - in a toaster in Playa del Ray. Ethan White who takes care of goats in Agel Oracle is looking for you and in exchange you will get Milk x3;
  • Hair and Shoulders (shampoo) - you will find it in a toaster in a building by the radar in Rodia. You can give it to Arjuna Rabindranath in exchange for a book +1 to Perception (only if you didn't report on him to deputy Marshall);
  • Climbing boots - once you visit Angel Oracle again, John that you met before (he was shoveling manure in the northern part of the complex) will be imprisoned. You can either help him or take his shoes and give it to Sandra, if you took her off the tree in front of the gate;
  • Toaster Heating Element - in a toaster in the LA Aquaducts. In order to be able to get to that location, you need to accept a quest from Mister Culture to get him Tori's head. Bring the heating element to the cook, and Culture will give you his grit;
  • DAT tape - you can find it in a toaster in the undergrounds of Seal Beach. Give it to Mercaptain in the Guardians Stronghold in exchange for upgrades to weapons;
  • House of Pies Menu - in a toaster in the road house in Los Feliz. Give the menu to the gravedigger on the graveyard in Hollywood in exchange for the unique shovel (you can't use it to dig);
  • Big black dildo - behind a bar in a casino in Rodia you'll find a toaster with that item. You can exchange it for a unique blunt weapon at the Master Sergeant's in Hollywood;
  • Galileos Telescope - in a toaster in the Griffith's Park. You can give it to the weapon seller in Salt Lake for a good SMG;
  • Pooka Shell Necklace - you can find it in a toaster in Santa Monica. Martha in Hollywood will take it from you for food. If you can't offer to give that item to her, have one of the characters put it on and then the proper dialogue option should appear;
  • 761 Metro Bus Schedule - you can give it to Maggie in Griffith in exchange for a unique gadget;
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