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Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Miscellaneous | Temple of Titan - quests Wasteland 2 Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Help find one of the Jill Yates cowboys

You meet Jill shortly after you enter the canyon. Soothe her cattle down with the Animal Whisperer. Save Doc, who is bleeding to the death and she will also ask your help finding Bart. She also mentions that you will meet her in Damonta later on. Bart is in the cage at the other end of the map, a bit to the South of Outpost One. Free him by using Lock Picking. Then, you can let him go on his own, or accept him in the party. He leaves after you return to the path to Outpost One.

Tell the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud that Brother Chavez requires help

Close to the entrance to the canyon, you meet Brother Chavez, who is guarding a weapons crate. He asks you to tell Brother Franks, at Outpost One, about him. Inside the crate, there is a missile. You can kill Chavez and take it for yourself. This also completes this quests, but it deteriorates the opinion monks have about the Rangers.

Help a merchant find his missing wife - or don't

Close to the canyon entrance, you meet Tom, who wants to follow the raiders that kidnapped his wife. You can convince him that you will do that, (Smart Ass 2, Hard Ass 4), but he will follow the abductors anyways. Of you want to save him, follow him immediately. At he spot, there are for honey badgers that he stands no chance against so, you need to attract their attention yourself. It is best to catch up with him, overtake him and be the first to reach the spot (check on the location map where to run). After you kill the badgers, and Tom is still alive, you will receive a key to his locker at the Temple. Inside, there is some gear.

The barterer has to agree to your offer. Otherwise, you can fight honey badgers and save him, but you do not receive the key.

Escort the bandit to the safety

Past Outpost One, you meet Skunk Pig, who is asking you to escort him to Outpost One. In exchange for that, you will not be attacked by the raiders, while exploring Arizona (on the world map). With Smart Ass 4, you can also obtain a first-aid kit from him, once you get him to the destination. The path should be completely clear so, you will have no problems.

Obtain radioactive sludge for Brother Staal

Brother Staal at the Temple gives you a nuke grenade (a powerful toy) for providing him with 3 sludge containers. The quest is exactly the same as obtaining sludge for the offering but this time, you need to visit other barrels. You do not get this quest if you have been killing the monks and you will have to make an offering of twice the amount (even if you do receive the quest, there is not enough sludge, because there only are 8 barrels).

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