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Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Main quest - Obtain the Repeater Units | Ranger Citadel - quests Wasteland 2 Guide

The quest that you receive at the very beginning of the game, from General Vargas. Your first mission is to go to the Radio Tower on the world map and to find the Repeater Units, which Ace had on him. At the tower, you will find an enemy gang that demands payment for allowing you to explore its terrain. There are several ways to deal with them/ You can pay them the money, convince them to let you be, by selecting any of the dialogue options (Smart Ass, Kiss Ass, Hard Ass), or by simply killing them. It is recommended that you go for Kick Ass here, to convince them to join the ranks of the Rangers). Thanks to this, you will learn the location of a Shrine (+1 skill point), you will get some scrap metal and you will receive a reward (experience points or junk) from Evan Hauce at the Citadel for recruiting new members. . The important thing is that you approach the tower from the West and talk to the guard with dogs (Alpha Spyke). As for the remaining one, you can convince them to leave you alone, but they do not join the Rangers. Also, you will not learn about the whereabouts of the Shrine. If you decide to fight, you can collect some ammo and gear that is sure to come in handy, later on. They are weak opponents, especially if you have Angela Deth with you. After the safe passage, or after you have shot all of the opponents (raiders from the lower part of the location are aggressive, regardless of what you did with their colleagues at the radio tower) you can repair the panel at the radio tower and open the locked passage on the right, to obtain a handful of experience points.

The Repeater Units themselves are in the cave at the Eastern end of the map. Inside, you will have to fight a mutated toad. IT has a thick armor so, if possible, use the weapons with maximum penetration value. What is even worse, the toad may rip weapon of the hands of a party member. You can pick it up later on, from the corpse of the toad, but you will be left with your fists only, during the fight. Remember that, during the fight (without using up action points) you can open your inventory and arm yourself with another weapon - if this is not a loaded secondary weapon, you will use up points on reloading it. After you deal with the toad, pick the Repeater Units from Ace's body and contact General Vargas on the radio (you can also be contacted by Vargas instead, while you are trying to leave the tower). Around, there also is a map, with location of the Rail Nomad Camp marked on it. After you examine the robot with Perception, you can use Computer Science to remove all the ammo from it.

Your party will receive another order - mount the Repeater Units onto the radio stations at Highpool and Ag center. The problem is that both of the locations are under attack and they do not call for help. You need to decide who you want to help, because it is impossible to help both locations. The Ag center is the supplier of food, Highpool of drinking water so, both of these locations are key for the survival of the locals. From the point of view of difficulty level and complexity of both, Ag Center is probably longer and much more difficult to survive, than Highpool. However, the choice does not matter that much, from the viewpoint of future events so, make your own choice. You can also leave both of the locations to themselves and not help anyone. In such a case, both of them will be destroyed.

Alternative solution:

  • Fight the system - instead of mounting the Repeater Units and rescue either Highpool or Ag Center, stand up against the Desert Rangers. Wreak havoc with the locals and, as soon as you are strong enough, go to war against Vargas and kill him. A special unit of the Delta Force will then try to hunt your party down. If you are removed from the Rangers, you will be able to enter an alliance with another faction. You will then be unable to leave Arizona, (you will miss a half of the game) and your primary objective will be to destroy the Desert Rangers;
  • Allow both Highpool and the Ag Center to fall - both of the locations will be destroyed. You will have to repair the damaged radio tower at the Rail Nomad Camp, where you will then mount the first one of the Repeater Units.

Concerns the quests:

  • Near the Radio Tower, find the Repeater Units, that captain Ace had on him;
  • Mount the Repeater Units on two Radio Towers;
  • Help either Highpool or the Ag center.
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