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Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Attributes and statistics | Character development Wasteland 2 Guide


The attribute system is called CLASSIC, for short, which is an acronym for the initial letters of the individual characteristics. It is another allusion to the Fallout series, where this system was called SPECIAL. Attributes directly translate into the character's statistics and they are unchanged throughout the game, with slight exceptions, such as e.g. using a gadget, injury or alcohol consumption. Attributes are defined at the scale between 1-10, where 1 is very weak, 3 average and 10 very perfect. The value of an attribute equals its cost in points (1 Strength equals 1 attribute point, 7 Strength equals 7 points).

Coordination - it increases the number of Action Points and chances of hitting when using ranged weapons. Important especially for characters with heavy weapons, sniper rifle and machine guns, but everyone should have at least 6 points.

Luck - It increases the chance of hitting and dodging as well. Moreover, you can earn additional CON points (distributed randomly) with each promotion, and additional AP in each round. Depending only on luck can be very dangerous, but remember that it can save your life in a critical situation. The sum of the whole team's Luck influences the amount of ammunition and loot found in chests. It is only the player's decision, whether he wants to depend on Fortune. If you prefer more stable attributes, you can even stop at 1 point of Luck.

Awareness - most importantly, it increases the initiative during the fight (your turn will come faster). It also influences your chances of dodging an attack and increases your range of view. A very useful attribute for a sniper especially. Snipers should have about 7 points of Awareness and for the rest of the team, 3 is enough (sometimes even 1 will do). Initiative is not the key aspect of the game - unless you plan to base on melee attacks - and generally, it is easier to wait, making our enemy come closer to us, and shooting at them in the meantime.

Strength - it increases the basic amount of CON and the number of points that you gain with every level. Moreover, it influences melee damage and allows one to carry more equipment. It also increases AP by a small amount. Some armors and weapons require a certain amount of Strength to be used. 6 points will allow to carry a lot of gear and to wear most of the armors. For some characters (sniper, medic) 5, or even 4 in some cases, will be enough. You shouldn't go lower.

Speed - mainly, it sets the distance that a character can walk for one AP during battles. It is important for melee fighters, but not only, as it may allow, for example a sniper, to come out of cover, shoot, and cover again. It also increases the amount of initiative and, to some extend, AP. Having 6 points of Speed is very handy.

Intelligence - the more Intelligence you have, the more survival points you obtain with every promotion. Besides, it allows you to read more complex books (after reading one of them, the ability described in the book will increase) and adds a small number of PA. Everyone should have at least 4 points of Intelligence, which will give one 3 survival points per promotion. You will earn 4 points only after having 8 Intelligence, which will make you limit your other attributes. However, at least one team member should have this 8 points. Moreover, someone should have 6 points of Intelligence, as it gives them more AP, and when you gather more points throughout the game, you can increase to 8. The mythical 5 points per promotion can be obtained only after putting 10 points into this attribute, but it's just too much. Instead of that, simply visit all the shrines that give survival points.

Charisma - It doesn't influence the statistics directly. Instead, it influences how you will be perceived by other people. Moreover, it increases the range of the Leadership skill and adds a bonus to the experience you gain for killing enemies. Some NPCs won't join your team, until the team's Charisma is high enough, so it's good to have somebody with a solid six. This character should of course develop the Leadership skill and dialogue abilities.

A good, optimal way of distributing points is: 6, 1, 3, 6, 4, 2. It gives you 10 AP (12 when saving the points from the previous round, which gives you 4 shots from a pistol), 3 survival points per level, the ability to wear heavy armor and a good speed.


You can view character statistics during the creation process and, during the game, in the character window. They directly reflect attributes and skills.

Action Points, AP - combat in Wasteland 2 is turn-based. Each action uses up Action Points. When a character runs out of AP, their turn ends. Of course, the more AP the better. Additionally, you can keep the points that you do not use up. You then carry over 1 AP to the next turn per the unused 1 or 2 AP, or 2 AP for the unused 3 or more points. The ideal situation is where you have 10 AP. When you save up 2 points from the previous turn, this will allow you to fire 2 shots in one turn, for 6 AP each. The character to use big guns should have 8 AP, at least. 8 AP is a general value, below which it is not good to drop, but a character that uses up 3 AP per attack (e.g. a handgun) can have 7 AP, which translates into 3 attacks per turn with keeping points.

Ranged Critical Hit Bonus - increases the chance to score a critical hit over range.

Melee Critical Hit Bonus - increases the chance to score a critical hit in melee.

Combat Initiative - determines how often a character will have their turn. They are compared to the other party members and enemies. The one with the highest initiative, makes the first move. High initiative, in spite what may be apparent, is not that important. In the majority of cases, you will be attacking opponents from afar. If the opponents are taking their moves in the first place, they will have to approach you first to fire a shot. In other words, they will waste their AP to get within the reach of your party. When it is your turn, the enemies will already be within reach and you can start shooting.

Chance to Evade - chance to dodge during an attack.

Constitution, CON - the number of a character's health points. When it drops to zero, the character passes out and may die, if not assisted.

Combat Speed - AP per meter. A character with higher Speed covers longer distance on 1 AP. It is especially important for melee fighters, who still need to attack, in the same turn, after they approach the opponent.

Survival points/LVL - the number of points that you can spend on skills when advancing onto higher level. Remember that you cannot change the attributes, but you can develop skills as you like. A good minimum is 3 points per level (4 Int.).

Max. Carry Weight - the payload that a character can carry, without being slowed down. The information about the weight of each item can be found in the inventory window. On average 100 pounds should do for the entire party. If you are going to play a seven-member party, this value may be even lower.

CON per Level - the number of CON, by which the pool of health points rises each time you level up.

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