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Wasteland 3 Guide, Walkthrough by

Wasteland 3 Guide, Walkthrough

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Wasteland 3: Skills - points, list Wasteland 3 guide, walkthrough

On this page of our Wasteland 3 game guide you can find information about the character's skills. We have provided a complete list of skills. You will also learn how you can acquire skill points in the game.

The game offers a total of 22 skills which have 10 ranks. 22 skills have been divided into 4 categories. Each skill can be developed in two ways. The first way is to use the skill points awarded for leveling up a character. The higher the level of a particular skill, the more skill points are required to develop it further. This is based on the following scheme:

  1. 1. Level - 1 Skill Point
  2. 2. Level - 1 Skill Point
  3. 3. Level - 1 Skill Point
  4. 4. Level - 2 Skill Points
  5. 5. Level - 2 Skill Points
  6. 6. Level - 3 Skill Points
  7. 7. Level - 3 Skill Points
  8. 8. Level - 4 Skill Points
  9. 9. Level - 5 Skill Points
  10. 10. Level - 6 Skill Points

The second option consists in reading skills books, which can be found during world exploration. Each of them grants skill points to a specific ability. They are single-use items, so you have to decide which character should use them.

The first category includes combat skills - Wasteland 3: Skills - points, list - Character development - Wasteland 3 Guide, Walkthrough

Combat skills

The first category includes combat skills. With their help, the characters learn how to operate a particular type of weapon. Some weapons have imposed values of points (in a particular category) which are required in order to use them.




Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifle Hit Chance +3% to +30% (by 3% per level)

Mark Targetat level2 (allows you to concentrate fire on a single target)

Masterful Precisionat level5 (increases the critical hit chance)

Concentrationat level7 (your character is unable to move during one round but increases chance to hit with a sniper rifle by 10%)

Chain Ambushat level10 (the ambush will still remain active after the enemy gets killed)

Automatic Weapons

Assault Rifle hit chance +3% to +30% and Submachine Gun hit chance +3% to +30% (by 3% per level)

Puncturing Shotat level2 (piercing shot that breaks through enemies)

Gopher Hunterat level3 (reduces the 25% of defense of all enemies which you're attacking)

Spray 'N' Prayat level4 (doubles the number of bullets fired in a burst, but chance to hit is decreased by 25%)

Recleesat level6 (damage caused by automatic weapons is 15% higher if enemies don't have any shields)

Doble Tapat level7 (if you successfully hit a particular enemy two times in a row, then the second attack will always be a critical hit)

Stormerat level8 (occurs once per round - if you move more than 5 squares, then the next attack with automatic weapon won't consume any AP)

Trigger Happyat level10 (occurs once per round - if you kill an enemy, you will receive 3 AP)

Big Guns

Heavy Machine Gun hit chance +3% to +30% and Flamethrower hit chance +3% to +30% (by 3% per level)

Move Up!at level2 (Big Guns give you a +0.5 movement bonus during the first turn)

Suppressing Fireat level3 (doubles the number of bullets fired in a series of rounds, but the chance to hit is 50% lower)

Terrorizerat level4 (increases the range of flamethrower attacks but reduces a chance to hit by 15%)

Pressure Cookerat level7 (vehicles hit by a flamethrower cannot move and receive 40% of the fire damage over 2 turns)

Steady Shotat level8 (heavy machine gun adds +20% chance to hit and increases the chance to dodge)

Wide Spreadat level10 (the range of heavy machine gun and flamethrower fire is increased by 35%)

Small Arms

Increases the hit chance of Semi Auto Pistol, Revolver, Pump Shotgun, Auto Shotgun +3% to 30% (by 3% per level)

Shredder Shotat level2 (a unique shotgun bullet which causes bleeding status effect)

Opportunistat level3 (attack rate +5%)

Trick Shotat level5 (-50% chance to hit, but if you successfully hit an enemy then you receive 3 AP)

Clear Coverat level6 (shotgun inflicts 100% more damage to covers and shields)

Drawlat level7 (first attack after reloading a weapon won't cost any AP)

Devastationat level8 (shotguns deal 25% more damage to every opponent that was hit)

Counter-Offensiveat level10 (the enemy receives additional 25% of damage after launching an attack with a melee weapon)

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